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Spyra – Last Update! Screenshots included!

Time for a larger update.
I have built 2 somewhat decent testmaps to illustrate this update. These levels aren’t completely done yet as designing the new higher quality visuals takes some time and implementing the more complex gameplay takes some nerves However! I do believe that they show some progress and I haven’t shown any direct screenshots in quite some time.

New implemented improvments

* More interactive environments with more dynamic effects. (Water, fog, wildlife, NPCs etc.)

* Higher quality in both design and textures.

* Improved visuals using an extensive shader library. (its not UDK’s material editor but its still pretty potent for FPSC resources )

* Player-body and real time reflective surfaces

* Improved collision and optimisation

* Improved introduction plot…with less textscrolls.

Furhter improvments …or perhaps drawbacks will manifest along the way
To be honest, working on this game doesn’t feel like making an FPSC game for quite some time now and I hope you are as fond of the results as I am so far.

Activating these arcane glyphs allows the player to spawn hidden objects. From items to passages. The architecture of this room is still a little incomplete but this is close to what it will look like in the full version. Some of this specularity will also blend in better in the full version.
I have added female necromancers to the lore. She does not have a proper shader yet which is why her stomach and hands look a little choppy. I can assure you that the final version will look a lot more lively.

Dungeons will often vary in architecture and design. I want there to be caves bordering in architecture aswell as in – to outdoor segments.

This hall should look like its “carved in” the rock. I’m still working on that but its an explanation as why there are stalactites hanging down from this ceiling.

I find that the caves have a neat “wet” feeling to them.

As you can see I have given objects varying effects to boost immersion and trying to tame that overly glossy FPSC shader effect. I think that I have made decent improvments. That book for instance uses bond1’s static “tangentbasis” normalmapshader. The metal parts have a specular effect yet it lacks all of its “signature” gloss.

In-Game Screenshots

Thanks to this shader, it will have light reacting on it and it casts a simple shadow

I’m just sending a lifebeep out there and let you guys in on the latest changes in Spyra.

This is just a small update that will however introduce a feature that will improve the immersion a lot. Thanks to S4Reals latest modding efforts Spyra will not only have fully functional mirrors but also full body awareness. Just like in Dark Messiah, Thief: Deadly Shadows, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Mirrors Edge (and more) you’ll be able to see your body ingame.

I’d like to show you the first prototype I made so far because I’m likely to keep it, altough you are likely to start the adventure less equipped and almost entirely naked. I see how I can manage “swapping” the players body.

I did a bit of research for this game and played some fantasy games, I liked when I was younger, now with the “developers eye”. I noticed, for example, that Dark Messiah of Might and Magic has very crude and simple architecture. However, clever use of highres textures, shaders and the occasional detailed mesh hid this perfectly well. I’ve always been a bit of a fan of Arkane Studios but the more I analyse their work, the more I admire their artistic finesse.

Just so much: Spyra: Prologue will be developed in FPSC-Classic (or FPSC-Loaded as Bugsy and I like to call it).
It will be the best playing and looking FPSC Game I ever worked on.

Thanks for checking this out!


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UDK/ Unreal Engine Level Art Gallery from “Relikt” (Medieval/Fantasy)


Unreal Engine Level by Adrien Asselborn

This post features a selection of screenshots from my work in UDK. Please enjoy! :)

Indoor Leveldesign in UDK by Adrien Asselborn

Indoor Leveldesign in UDK by Adrien Asselborn



Cave Level from Relikt designed by Adrien Asselborn in UDK

Cave Level from Relikt designed by Adrien Asselborn in UDK


by Adrien Asselborn

by Adrien Asselborn


Project in UDK. Character Model by Dexsoft.

Project in UDK. Character Model by Dexsoft.


Link to a Youtube Presentation of these Levels

Thanks for taking a look!

– Adrien Asselborn





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Dephts of R’lyeh /Cthulhu-Lovecraft-Fantasy Pack 3D Models.



Welcome to the work in progress thread dedicated to my new 3D project.


What is this?

I aim to design a large library of inhuman architecture to create a city inspired by the lovecraftian city of R’lyeh.
Wether you want to develop something inspired by lovecrafts writing, related to it or just a fantasy game where you need some wierd architecture for, I’m your man!
The content of this pack will be slightly inspired by HR Giger and the numerous other artists who illustrated the city of R’lyeh before. However, most will just be plainly made up by me.
I’m aware that whenever someone does something lovecraft related for videogames, some fan might want to point out the inconsistencies of my models with the (vague) descriptions in call of cthulhu. (I don’t have enough to show yet for this statment to be true, but it might be once I do bigger outdoor architecture). Here are some things to keep in mind, neatly packaged in a quote box:

Quote: ” 1. I can’t design architecture that borders in another dimension in milkshape…or anywhere else for that matter.
2. This is not a dead serious project! I take a lot of artistic liberties here.
3. I might not use original font/glyphs from the mythos but instead rely on some sumerian.
4. The pack has 3 different themes. Ancient rock/ pseudo-organic architecture and crystal. I’m aware that none of the later two where mentioned in call of cthulhu…however, I think these fit the lore pretty well.
5. The Skybox I use (designed by Rolfy) implies that the city is not very deep under water. I know this is false. Its for presentation purposes only


What’s R’lyeh?

R’lyeh is a fictional city that first appeared in the H. P. Lovecraft short story “The Call of Cthulhu”.(Which I have in my library under the ingeniously translated title “Cthulhu Geistergeschichten”. German translation for fantastic literature was apparently in its infancy back then.)
According to Lovecraft’s short story, R’lyeh is a sunken city in the South Pacific and the prison of the entity called Cthulhu.

The nightmare corpse-city of R’lyeh…was built in measureless eons behind history by the vast, loathsome shapes that seeped down from the dark stars. There lay great Cthulhu and his hordes, hidden in green slimy vaults. – From H.P.Lovecrafts “Call of Cthulhu

What features can I hope for?

Large Asset Pack of in and outdoor props
FPSC-Loaded and Reloaded ready
Normal and Specular Maps
4 cool ambient soundtracks!
Optimised meshes and textures

Please note that characters will not be included in this pack!

What have you got for starters?


I started this pack designing a medium sized, inhuman statue to get a vibe for where this is going:

There is one on a decorative pillar and a bare/modular one!

Second, I started to work on some simple indoor- construction sets. These include one for outlandish hallways and halls. Which consist of 4 different variations for walls. Here are two:

And 3 variations for pillars. This first set of pillars is designed to look a bit organic and alien.

Here are some screenshots I threw together. These are a little simple and don’t represent what a skilled designer could do with these

Thanks for taking a look!

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Kshatriya Prologue: Prologue -> Episodic Free First Person Shooter released

He is too much of a gentleman to spray it out like this but the majority of this game has been designed by bugsy. I just helped out with models, ideas, some sounds and the menue screens. In case you didn’t know, getting all these fully animated characters play like this in FPSCreator wasn’t easy and I’m really impressed how well Bugsy pulled this off! I could certainly not do it this way and I hope to learn about this from him.

I’d like to feature this on my blog aswell. Its free and has a really strong indie cyberpunk feel! Cheesy amateurgame flair included! :D

Storyline:In the dense Undercity, There is little room to maneuver, and sunlight barely touches the landscape. Each and every space is letted as a living area to house people, to the point where rooftops are apartments, stores, and restaurants often. In the Undercity, you’re always on the roof of something.

Description: when picking up the laundry turns into an alternate route home, which leads to the discovery of a key Kshatriya artifact, a good day can quickly turn bad. Play as a faceless civilian thrust into a world of trouble for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.



Known bugs/issues:
*main mall floor crowd does not spawn in level 3. I have no idea why
*AI is hella-wonky
*level 3 will not load, this was corrected by dividing the texture size, sadly at a cost to the visuals.

Authors Notes:

  • -There is more than one way to solve every puzzle. running out of resources is not necessarily the end of your journey.
  • -This game is very short. this is the first mini episode to test out what kind of quality i could consistently put into an FPSC game. future episodes will be longer, especially when I figure out reloaded.
  • -All music is free music or music with the proper copyright attributions to be used in this project (i believe)
  • -The gun quality will become more consistent when wolf and I get a good system working. (quote from Bugsy as I, blog author, am Wolf)

Opinions from some dudes on the internet:

This game had an amazing sense of style. – MetalDevil123

Evrything, from the level design to the gameplay and of course the awsome and very promising crowd system, seem to be made by a true professional! – ladas51

The game has its ups and downs to me. -D0MINIK

The transparency on the female NPCs does not work – D0MINIK (well my friend…the transparency on females rarely works :D… and yes, that one was flat! ;))

Awesome game Bugsy! – Burger


DOWNLOAD NOW in case you missed the link above

Watch my playthrough on the youtubes

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[Work in Progress] Fantasy Pack³ (Lyliettes Library)


Vampire Library and Lair Pack


Quote: “Leave it to wolf to make shaders look tolerable in fpsc”



Welcome to the work in progress thread for my new pack!

What is it?
* * * * * * * * * *

This pack will include assets to create a noble Library, with decoration, furniture, statuettes, candles, books, paintings and whatever else I may come up with. The whole nine yards, as the americans say.

It will however also include a set of props to create a secret vampire lair. With a lot of gothic, fantasy, eeriee stuff.

As I first started this pack I wanted it to be an entire mansion with a really big vampire throne room underneath it but decided that that was way out of proportion as I made a list of stuff I want to be in it. This is what I work in right now.

What to expect?
* * * * * * * * * * * *

* The assets are finer and better crafted than they where in previous packs. Textures are better made aswell…with more effort and dedication.

* The assets are less polyeffective than in previous packs. Some things are rather detailed. If an object has an elevated poly count that might drain your systems performance, I’ll add a little “HP” to its editor-thumbnail.

* There might be segments and characters in this pack but I will only show these if they are ready and up’n’running in FPSC to avoid disappointing people that where looking forward to them if I dont get them working before release.

* These assets use shadereffects that can be purchased by buying Modelpack 38 They will of course work as a standalone pack without the shaders.

* This pack will be sold! I am well aware that the demographic who will buy this is not as big as the one for a horror or scifi related pack but I really want to make this pack. The price will be between 20 or 25 USD for the whole pack. Depending on final content of course.

Screenshots and Media
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Decorative Bookcase Variations.

A deco table with subtle specular mapping. 2 small Wooden Pillars. 1 with marble floor if you want to use it on a non-wooden floor.
Detailprop: Pictureframe.

The lines on the specularmap of the portrait simulate the canvas reflecting in the light. Its a subtle effect I noticed in a AAA Game years ago and then fell in love with it. Now its in FPSC thanks to Bond1

(Its an effect that reflects and follows the players camera for thos who dont know.)

The pictures and paintings will be made to imply vampires without being too obvious. This allows you to use them for other fantasy things or non-fantasy projects.

Paintings with 3D Frames

Lenslfarez!!! (sorry!)

List of not included media shown in FPSC screenshots
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* Segments by Bond1 (metro theater pack) Doomster (Doomsters Segmentpack2esperation)

*Window by me (Catathrenia *unreleased)

*Curtains by The Cosmic Prophet (Dark City Pack)

*Small Statuette (Underused stock prop (ww2 items)

*Bust (Bond1s metro theater pack)

Alright then
* * * * * * * * * *

Feedback, Comments, Suggestions and Criticism is welcome and, as always, warmly desired

Have a nice day!


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Wolfs Fantasy Pack 2 Underworld FREE ASSETS FOR GAMEMAKERS

.-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-
/ / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \
`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘.-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-
/ / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \
`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘


If you wonder why I decided to release this for free, lets just say ..why not?
I took a good look at all the props I made so far and decided that they no longer live up to my current standarts. Sure! They are still decent and I like them a lot myself but I have learned so much about modeling and got my 3D Forge some new tools that I would have to model below my skillevel if I had to keep working on this pack up. This would result in an inconsistent pack.

Its not as “mega” as cosmics packs but certainly bigger than other recent free releases from me.
* The pack includes all the models that have been finished so far! Not all the models shown in the work in progress thread here.

* This is the last pack of this generation.

* Some restrictions apply! Read the license

* The models are designed for advanced users and dont necessarily interconnect with standart FPSC segment sizes.

* Textures have short names to make conversion to fpsc easier…this might make it a little hazzle to import them in any other game engine.

*No segments are included

.-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-
/ / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \
`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘
Screenshots and some Renders

.-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-. .-.-
/ / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \
`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘ `-`-‘
Important Information

Some models may have collision problems. If you experience any, please open the models .fpe file and change the value behind “collisionmode” to “1”

Read the license and the readme for further information!

You may need 7zip to unpack this archive! Weak computers might
cause problems or performance breaks as it has been compressed rather high.

Your password is : FUSRODAH

Enjoy! Hope to read your feedback on future modelpacks I work on!

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