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Cyberpunk Asset Pack for sale

Dear Reader I think its more than appropriate to have my own commercial products archived on my webblog. This is a Modelpack for low to mid poly videogames I designed together with Wray “Bugsy” Burgess. Description: “Get ready to create … Continue reading

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3D Russian guns for indie fps project (Canalyst)

These are the weapons I modeled for the Indie FPS Game “Canalyst” by Sector 49 Studios Thanks for checking by.

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[Work in Progress] Medieval Fantasy Pack (Assets and Gothic Architectural Props)

“Upon my return from the werewolf hunt, I went to the Inn for a drink. “What would you like?” asked the innkeep. “Surprise me” I told him and he showed me the chastity belt of my wife.” After opening with … Continue reading

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Okkult : Children of Dagon Initial Development Article

This is it! This is the big one. My last game. I felt gamedevelopment fading from me the last couple of months as I don’t find the joy in it I used to and have less time so there is … Continue reading

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Euthanasia – Developer Commentary

Foreword I have released this game nearly a decade ago at the time I am writing this and I am aware that few people will read this.(disregard post date, this was written in 2019.)  However, this game is a bit … Continue reading

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