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Spectre – December 2021

UPDATE I haven’t updated this thread in a while because progress was somewhat slow and to be frank, this whole game is currently a disjointed mess. I only realized this when I wanted my friends Duke and Bugsy to test … Continue reading

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You can’t make open world games in Game Guru, here is what you can do.

Howdy! Open world video games, from fun sandboxes with many possibilities, over tightly structured quest lines that can be tackled numerous ways to hollow empty wastelands with occasional activity hot spots. A genre that has gained more and more popularity … Continue reading

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Shavra – 2020 Rebirth

As for now, I have gotten around working on this again and made some progress. The overwhelming majority of things are still in a very early, rushed state. Mostly because I never actually did much LUA for this, unlike Acythian, … Continue reading

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