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Alright, update! I haven’t posted on here for a while so there is quite a bit to talk about. First thing to mention is maybe the war memorial basement which will be the second level of the game. Its far … Continue reading

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Acythian – First Version of Gardens

Its that time again. Update time! I wish I could tell ya all that I have been winning all day and progressing this project all eve but this is not the case. In fact, I barely had time to get … Continue reading

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Deprivation : Direct Action (2011 Free FPS Game)

Deprivation : Direct Action Released in 2011 Designed in FPSCreator X9 with Fenix Mod Initially designed to test several gameplay elements for another project, this game won the old TGC Best of the Best award for FPSCreator games. (In hopes … Continue reading

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Cryostasis – First Impressions

  I saw that my occasional reviews gathered a bunch of interest so I figured I might make my blog about more than just my own game and art development… I want to show you, dear reader, some less known … Continue reading

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Review : Wreckage

Welcome to another indie game review. This time its the crysis mod “Wreckage”. I review stand-alone mods and total conversions aswell as I count them as Indie Games. (Just so you know) “Wreckage offers an action-oriented presentation, professional execution, complete … Continue reading

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