“This is not your world, outsider, you don’t belong here. You have proven that you are not a spy, nor an assassin or in any other way related to…them. Yet this is not your body, these are not your lungs you are breathing our air with and not your heart beating in this chest. Its likely that you condemned the owner of this shell to death, if they didn’t already…harvest…him. I have known him, you see…we where friends for many decades.
You probably wonder where you are and it is likely not on your planet
nor in your dimension. This is the Symarian Empire, the most prosperous
trading nation on the planet Shavra. At least it used to be, in better
days slowly fading from our collective memory. You have come at a bad
time, outsider. The cataclysm has ruptured the integrity of this
continuum and we are approaching darkest night, metaphorically speaking,
of course. They say its darkest before the break of dawn yet I am
afraid our civilisation will not be here anymore when the first ray of the
rising sun touches the ground.
You are free to walk the halls of this sanctuary until the Synergy has
decided what to do with you, although make no illusions, outsider… you
will likely be sentenced to death. We cannot afford any unnecessary
risks or disturbances before the inevitable maelstrom to come but don’t
let this discourage you…
also, do not attempt to flee, the desert will kill you far slower than
any poison of ours. …but perhaps.. the bleak outlook has gotten the better of me.
Perhaps the Synergy will let you live to witness our demise…
perhaps your appearance here is more than mere coincidence though.
A younger, more idealistic version of me didn’t believe in coincidences.
Perhaps you have come to save us all. Wouldn’t that be a solemnly naive
point of view? Ha!
Either way, outsider, welcome to Shavra.”

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“A young writer awakens incarnated in the clone-body of an extradimensional being. Surrounded by the wonders of an alien world he is also quickly facing the plight of a species in peril. What adventures will wait for him and will he ever get back home to earth?”
 Shavra is an experimental 3D adventure game that is aimed to be a hybrid of several of my creative outlets. It shall bind game design, music, writing and painting into a single iron from which I’ll attempt to forge a playable game. English being my 4th language, you may find that the “writing” part is a lot less fleshed out. This can manifest in something extraordinary or entirely abysmal. This is less relevant to me. Unlike other projects on here, this game is being developed continuously without milestones or estimated release dates. The journey is the reward here and the lessons I can learn within. You are invited to take this journey with me, see and perhaps even play the results.
This website will be further updated in the future.
Thank you for your visit!

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