Genre: FPS, Parcour, Adventure, Action
Thematic Genre: Cyberpunk
Engines: FPSC, FPSCR/GG, Source
Developed by: Wray Burgess

Ka Chow! Hey there, glad that you are here and welcome to fucking Kshatriya! What is it? A free series of FPS adventure games set in a trippy cyberpunk universe. How do you pronounce it? However you want my friend. Personally I go for “Ksha tree ya” but whatever works for you!  What is it about?

Well… Kshatriya is a series of games all connected by an interwoven storyline. It follows a small group of fringe outlaws getting roped into a widespread conspiracy. The games have a strong focus on pace, parcour and above all animations. It uses a distinctly trippy and disorienting visual style which further emphasizes the cyberpunk setting. Despite being set in the future, the game also uses a lot of 90s tech, architecture and aesthetics inspired by such films as Akira or Ghost in the Shell. Recently the creator has not only moved the game to the versatile source engine, leaving behind its clunkier past running on TGC engines, but also integrated its plotline into the universe of the criminally underplayed NEOTOKYO .


Despite not being directly involved in the project I feature it here because A) The creator is my homie and a friend of many years. B) I wrote the original plotline (now vastly different and probably a lot better 🙂 ) and helped out with models, graphics, textures and sound effects here and there. C) I think these free labours of love deserve to find an audience, despite their obvious shortcomings (being zero budget games running sometimes on crude engines.)


Neotokyo Kshatriya

2019 Source

This Episode is currently being developed!



2013 FPSC

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Storyline:In the dense Undercity, There is little room to maneuver, and sunlight barely touches the landscape. Each and every space is letted as a living area to house people, to the point where rooftops are apartments, stores, and restaurants often. In the Undercity, you’re always on the roof of something.

Description: when picking up the laundry turns into an alternate route home, which leads to the discovery of a key Kshatriya artifact, a good day can quickly turn bad. Play as a faceless civilian thrust into a world of trouble for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Awarded FPSC Best of the Best and THE best FPSC game in my opinion.

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Kshatriya Challenges: File 001

2016 FPSC

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Storyline: A few months ago, one of your handler’s lieutenants was robbed of several ounces of MDMA, a drug that is nigh impossible to find in the 22nd century (and because of this, very profitable to those with a supply). The culprit was discovered to be Trenton Grey when he contacted Nnijah Stone, one of the few people possessing a doctorate level knowledge in organic chemistry that wasn’t currently employed by the government. Her last employer was your handler, Isaac Preston. The Job- Synthesizing the very batch that was stolen. Nnijah took the job but defected when your Isaac offered her a higher bid to cook his product. The situation is perfect, the police have busted the lab, and the target will likely try to escape to the roof for helicopter extraction. Your job is simple: Kill Trenton Grey, and escape.

Description: Unlike the last episode Prologue, which was a much different game favoring spectacle and showcasing my level designs, this episode favors a more “gameplay centric” approach. The levels will be challenging to even expert FPSC forum lurkers as enemies keep coming and you aren’t the toughest kid on the block. there are some doors with keys in unforgiving locations, box stacking puzzles that are downright rudimentary, and extremely difficult and technical parkouring and climbing required. along the way you will be rewarded with what I like to think are nice looking maps and cool little animations. I want the game to be an overall challenging experience.

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Kshatriya Wetwork

2016 Game Guru

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Storyline: This game focuses on Carlton Eaves, Katsu Kleiner and Isaac Preston. Katsu is a cybernetically enhanced ex-soldier, and Isaac is skilled traceur and chemist. Carlton Eaves is a Pharmacist, and has proven himself quite the snitch already. His trial is very soon, and he will most testify information that will incriminate and convict one of Isaac’s cooks; Nnijah Stone. Isaac employs Kleiner’s assistance to make sure that Eaves will not appear in court.

Description: A lesson in the intricacies of GameGuru! This game was quite frustrating to build in many ways, and a joy in others. It has sucked at least 300 hours of my time up, but I am pretty happy with the final product. What you’ll find here is 2 Levels- one very open ended, and one very linear, that will test your abilities in combat. Ready your twitch reflexes, and call upon the abilities you’ve learned from playing Mirror’s Edge and Counter Strike, as you will need them in this challenging adventure!

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 剎帝利: Direct Action 2

2018 Game Guru

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Story Blurb: following the success of the last mission, the pointman is contacted to do another mission infiltrating and investigating a chinese technology company by the name of 剎帝利. They Produce mainly bulk raw chemicals in factories in Xian, China. Undercovers have confirmed that these factories have been producing and exporting illegal substances afterhours. No attempt had been made to cease the ilicit activity, but then the 剎帝利 corporation predicted the location of and seized the remains of a meteorite impact before chinese officials could intervene. The government had no choice at that point but to use the foreign legion to mop up the factory and collect the data to maintain plausible deniability.

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Kshatriya: Origins

2018 GG/Source – development paused

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Story: This game is the origin tale of how Isaac Preston and Katsu Kleiner, the characters in wetwork, got to know eachother.

Description: I’m going to attempt something with ReShade. With new graphical effects, and more cinematic moments, I hope to bring my gameguru skills to an FPSC level, and produce some kshatriya prologue quality content, albeit with Gameguru’s much more consistent shooting mechanics. expect gameplay somewhat similar to wetwork with a little more “wow” factor.

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