Hello and welcome!


Serygalacaffeine is a dynamic group of artists that develops amateur videogames and creates assets and resources for other indie-dev’s. Groupleader is Adrien, while other members are usually friends, who support a project. It stands for cooperative artwork rather than a hierarchical company and exists just for fun. Have fun browsing through our webblog.Serygalacaffeine is also involved in other developer groups and standalone projects. And no, none of us know how to pronounce it either. 😉

Adrien developed a weird addiction to the creative side of game development seemingly ages ago.
He is mostly interested in the “video” part of videogame in general. The artistic aspect of gamecreation. He is also terrible at writing these “about me” texts. To him, gamedesign is like a crazed stalker that sneaks in your bed and makes love to you in your sleep. Its awful, illogical, disturbing but after the years he kind of started to love it back. He just cannot
quit it.



adrienasselbornßat ßgmail.com



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