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Who really has time to think about a summary of himself on the internet? I like art, women, gamedesign and I love coffee. Everything else is too much information.


Alright, update! I haven’t posted on here for a while so there is quite a bit to talk about. First thing to mention is maybe the war memorial basement which will be the second level of the game. Its far … Continue reading

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SPECTRE – Work In Progress Scifi/Cyberpunk Game

Hey gang! Time for a small update. Now there is nothing all that new happening map design wise. I have made enough headway that I was mostly preoccupied testing things and creating game play. It will be quite a while … Continue reading

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Spotlight : Emerald Lake

Title : Emerald Lake Developer: Peace/ Jack Twin Genre: Horror Adventure FPSCreator LINK TO GAME Emerald Lake is a first person horror adventure game where you search for keys and escape a deranged serial killer. On the surface it seems … Continue reading

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Title: S P E C T R E Genre: Cyberpunk FPS Adventure Developer: Wolf Plot Outline: In the far future, a mutated special operative gets called in for a job at a remote military outpost. A supposedly routine mission quickly … Continue reading

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Unreal Engine 4 learning experience

Hi! If you have followed this site you might have come across several posts on getting to grips with the unity engine. Well in order to learn UE 4, I have recreated the same map I made for the unity … Continue reading

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You can’t make open world games in Game Guru, here is what you can do.

Howdy! Open world video games, from fun sandboxes with many possibilities, over tightly structured quest lines that can be tackled numerous ways to hollow empty wastelands with occasional activity hot spots. A genre that has gained more and more popularity … Continue reading

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Shavra – Small Update

****Small Update**** No earth shattering news but as you know, games like this grow in small increments. I have been adding to existing areas, which I hope you’re not tired of seeing A few other tiny things have happened too … Continue reading

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Shavra – 2020 Rebirth

As for now, I have gotten around working on this again and made some progress. The overwhelming majority of things are still in a very early, rushed state. Mostly because I never actually did much LUA for this, unlike Acythian, … Continue reading

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More Unity shenanigans

Hello! I’d like to share more of my unity progress and experiments here: From the Acythian Prototype and more of the Shavra Prototype here:

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Amytric Pulse : Operation Euridike Full Release

PLEASE READ THESE FOUR POINTS BEFORE YOU PLAY! * This game uses the dividetexturesize = 2 command and runs therefore in half resolution. Sadly, this was necessary to get it to run at all. You can change this value back … Continue reading

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