The 3D Bazaar

Uncle Wolfs 3D Bazaar

Hello and welcome to the Bazaar!

I deal in prestigious polygons woven around the finest vertices!

Here I will present my 3D Models that are either related to my own projects or available for sale. Some of these are part of engines/project related packs and sold through other companies, others can either be bought by contacting me directly or via the following links.

GCS Store


The following link will lead you to my entire catalogue! If you wish to purchase somethingfrom these posts you can contact me directly via adrienasselborn[[at]]gmail[dot]com .

Link to entire catalogue

You can also contact me for custom work! I used to have a price list here but due to the extreme difference in project scope and budget of the people that have contacted me in the past I would rather discuss this via direct mail. I always try to strike a deal that is best for both parties involved 🙂


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