Welcome to the archive!

Here you will find a compendium of all my video game projects. I’ve been developing small indie games for over a decade now and a lot has been lost to the sands of time however, I assembled everything relevant on these pages.

The projects are in chronological order and presented as follows:

Title/Year/Engine/Genre [Special information]

[Special Information] Legend:

F -> Full Release achieved! (not necessarily available)

DL -> Includes free downloadable version

AR -> There is a Version available, but only upon request or similar

V -> There is a youtube video

X -> Is currently in development

T -> Development might resume in the future

E -> (primarily developed by different dev yet using lots of my media or concepts)

Summary of my first projects\ 2004 -2007\ FPSC/Rm2k\ Several [F]


GTFO – Get the Fuck out\2007-2008\FPSC\ Horror/Haunted House [AR]


{M.i.A} Missing in Action\2008-2009\FPSC\Survival Horror


Symbiotic\2010\FPSC\Horror FPS


P S I S H O C K\2011\FPSC\Survival Horror


Ops : Escape \2011\ FPSC\ Action [E/F/DL/V]


Kshatriya Prologue : Prologue\2013\FPSC\ Cyberpunk/Parcour/Action [E/F/DL/V]


Thanatophobia \ 2013 \ FPSC \ Horror [F/DL/V]


Autumn\ 2015 \ Leadwerks \ Fantasy/Horror


[ REDACTED ] – Hired Gun \ 2016 \ GG \ Action FPS [F/DL/V]


[ REDACTED² ] – Bulletblues \2017\GG\ Action FPS [F/DL]

More Content will follow