Title: Acythian – Ariel
Genre: FPS, Adventure
Thematic Genre: Cyberpunk 

Acythian is a cyberpunk/noir themed FPS/Adventure game.

A retired special forces agent infiltrates the headquarters of
a religious cult to rescue his prodigal foster daughter.
Hereby being unwillingly dragged into a widespread conspiracy.

As a linear, narrative driven game, Acythian builds on lore and
atmosphere to draw haunting science fiction environments and
believable, fleshed out characters that inhabit this world.
The game is set in a distant future where humanity has been
starkly decimated by drawn out wars and nature is regaining
a lot of territory.

The core plot line is relatively simple and the game has a strong
focus on a fully realized world surrounding it. While you’ll be
infiltrating the citadel, the headquarters of an influential
religious cult, you will also get a good impression of the lore
and world surrounding this place.

Acythian is a first person shooter at its core while also
implementing adventure game mechanics. There’ll be looting
but we try to stay true to its FPS roots and do our best to
avoid cluttered inventories and micromanaging resources.
There will still be plenty of items and gameplay elements
to use and combine in realtime.

For example: You can boost your character using various implants
which will however also add to your neurotoxicty level. This can be fatal
if it reaches a high amount and impair your skills if not deadly.

Weapons in this game will be balanced according to their real world
counterparts and should feel as authentic as I can manage them to be.

The game will not feature any unnecessary gimmick, will not be a clone of
or be “heavily inspired”of an existing game,
will not have a constant barrage of achievments
or hints nor will the pacing be dictated by a string of setpieces.
We will also not feature a tacked on multiplayer service.

With this said I invite you to follow the development process of a
futuristic, gothic adventure set in a hauntingly beautiful world
drenched in rust,tares and blood.

Acythia (asyffiah) is a citystate housing approximately 60 million people. Its been founded in 2389 and has evolved from the former metropoles Shenzhen and Hongkong. Acythia is divided into zones representing different levels of income, comfort, security and culture. Emerald zones are usually built on top of other areas and represent the elite and the wealthy. Blue zones represent the upper middle class and represent most of Acythias center. (being “blue” ist thus slang if someone is naive in poorer regions. Its also a derogatory term meaning jaded and posh) Red zones are mostly industrial areas housing very few people. White zones representing a significant amount of the city are poor areas. These places tend to be difficult to police (or are not policed at all) and drift into lawlessness. A native of Acythia is an Acythian.



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