Unreal Engine 4 learning experience


If you have followed this site you might have come across several posts on getting to grips with the unity engine. Well in order to learn UE 4, I have recreated the same map I made for the unity project (or at least a very similar one) to learn its editor. Here are the results:



Generally speaking, I prefer UE over unity, altough its quite an undertaking to make a working, fully featured game in either of these engines.

My unity work can be seen here. Ultimately I stuck to unreal (after a short incursion into cry engine) here are my reasons:

1. If you happen to screw up a script or any other asset in unity and it is still part of your library or any other object in your library depends on it, the engine insists on you fixing it even if that asset is not used in the map you are currently working on in the editor. This can make importing third party content a grind for finding the obsolete code line or broken asset.
2. You will likely want to use third party content, be that a set of models or just a good character controller… the choices are endless, so are unity versions and I can guarantee you that your collection will not work with all unity versions. Using the latest unity version absolutely, positively gimps you from using the majority of content out there, making you stuck with some 2018 ass version just so you can use your favorite set up.
3. Newer versions insist that you make prefabs out of your assets, no more dropping in meshes on the fly.
4. Everything is a plug in. Node based/ visual scripting is also an expensive plugin while there is an integrated system in UE ready to go.
5. Lighting is inferior and can be a real mess if your workflow is different from what the engine expects you to do. Lightmapping large level assets can be a major issue unless you go with full dynamic lighting (using the deferred renderer).
6. Good luck linking asset packs with each other. This is far easier in UE’s blue print system.
7. The community is weirdly cult like, akin to blender users.

Naturally this is just my unqualified opinion… however, this is the impression I got. If Unity is your thing, then by all means, enjoy!


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Who really has time to think about a summary of himself on the internet? I like art, women, gamedesign and I love coffee. Everything else is too much information.
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