Amytric Pulse : Operation Euridike Full Release


* This game uses the dividetexturesize = 2 command and runs therefore in half resolution. Sadly, this was necessary to get it to run at all. You can change this value back to 1 or 0 in the setup.ini if you wish to try running it in full resolution, as intended. Now, this will likely crash but if it happens to run for you, please let me know.

* While in game, you can press F12 to activate reshade. This will tint the game differently, add anti aliasing and a few other neat post processing improvements. It really does mask the fact that it runs in half resolution a bit HOWEVER
if you run re-shade: The loading screens will now no longer be visible. This means that you will miss out on the lore that I have put into those. If you wish to read them, you can switch re-shade off when a level is about to end (second autosave in a level) or read them as PNG files I packed with the game.

* Sometimes you might get a subscript out of bounds error during level load. This will usually not repeat if you restart the game, load your last save and continue again. I am sorry for the inconvenience and can understand if this is a deal breaker for you. However, with FPSC a lot of things are always compromises.

* IMPORTANT: This game runs in 1920*1080 by default. You can edit this by changing the “height” and “width” lines in the setup.ini with your preferred resolution.


Hey Gang!

I’m happy to finally release the public version of Amytric Pulse! Please let know what you think of the game, I always appreciate your feedback!


Amytric Pulse – Operation Euridike is a straight forward action fps with some subdued adventure elements.

I understand that through the years I have earned a bit of a reputation of doing new things in FPSC, new techniques, models, shaders… none of that is here. This is just a somewhat simple FPSC shooter and I guarantee that nothing about it reinvents the wheel. However I’m pretty confident that it’ll be good fun.
You can expect the same type of game I used to release around 2010. I’ve specifically designed it to work within the limits of the memory cap while still featuring a lot of action, that is why some scenes seem a bit barren or low-poly. You can visit my art station gallery to see some of these older projects. In a way I am really glad I released this game as it is very similar in style and substance as the old FPSC SF “Shavra” games of which only 2 where finalized, albeit with game breaking problems. (See one of them here.)


Personal Log of Agent Anja Sorensdottir:

Operation Scythe, a coordinated international offensive against the transgenic Collective was a dire failure and cost us most of our men and resources. While we managed to weaken the mutant forces significantly, they have struck us with such a fatal blow that it might have just been the final nail in the coffin for humanity as we know it.

Task Force Zero has already been reduced to a single active unit and in the wake of this grand assault, our men have been taken captive by the Collective.
Now reduced to a skeleton crew we concocted a plan to rescue our agents. Its really nothing more than a last ditch effort…, to send in the last remaining member of the Task Force, with hopes that he single-handedly exfiltrates a dozen captives from a formidable high security military installation.

However, to Agent Grimms immense credit he has accepted the mission without any hesitation. He appears confident that there is a chance for us to make a dent into their defenses and his demeanor had a calming effect on me during our preparations. If he can remain so restrained even though his fiancée is among those captured, why should I be such a nervous wreck? After all
he is the one actually sent in there while I’ll only observe through his info-link.

We’ll drop Grimm over the Qasqir Tower military installation, once a brutalist monument to the military strength of the Pan-Asian Coalition, now a center of operations for the Collective.
High altitude, low opening in the dead of night. There is a distinct chance he will not be noticed as the mutants likely don’t expect a break in from the top. It is up to him to interface me with the buildings intranet so I can lock out the reinforcements from the lower levels of the tower. After that all he has is about an hour, maybe hour and a half before they circumnavigate my efforts and he’ll be so outgunned that even a man of his caliber and particular skill set will be outmatched. If our agents are still alive, he is to find them. Our thermal-echolocation scan of the building revealed them to be held near the helipads, that is our only chance. If he manages to get to them in time we can send in a stealth helicopter to retrieve them. A lot of “ifs” and “buts” and no certainty.

I understand that I am likely the most efficient hacker still operating for the collective but I’d dread to be the one on com-line while they send Morgan Grimm to his death.


* Its a new FPSC game that isn’t a dull walking simulator with the spoopy closet monster! Yay!
* 9 Levels, some of them might even be good!
* Custom sound design and voice acting
* That homely old janky amateur production quality
* The game is kinda blue, its stylistically designed to be this way but I might have gone too far in a few places. (if you go with the intended look by pressing F12.)
* Sometimes you even get free surprise run-time errors! (I am sorry)







Notes to my Beta Testers

* Replaced initial appearance of Qasqir Tower to make it more coherent with what it looks in-game
* You should no longer be able to glitch through the vent shaft in level 3
* Additional Save Points and Save Points placed better
* Game Difficulty reduced with new AI in places
* Hostiles no longer use rocket launchers (subscript error still persists though)
* Clear Info Sheet in level 1 to explain what a health pack is
* G36 improved and picking up a rifle no longer loops the entire reload sound.
* Garage Door no longer opens into oblivion
* Some static health items are now dynamic

Not improved are:
* Error where the player is stuck after respawn. I was not able to replicate the issue
* Lack of interactivity in some areas. Given how I have to already run this at half resolution I was hesitant to add more HUD images… so if a console does not have an interaction prompt (F) its not interactive.


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Who really has time to think about a summary of himself on the internet? I like art, women, gamedesign and I love coffee. Everything else is too much information.
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