Skrye: The Heart of Shadows – 2018 – Game Guru

Developer: Wolf

Foreword: Game Guru, huh? Oh what a dysfunctional relationship we have but I just can’t quit you. Been here from the start, even earlier when you where still FPSCreator Reloaded. I had high hopes for you, that you’d stop drinking, lose some weight and maybe we can have a really good game of our own some day… but now I suppose I can only ask for so much. By now a flock other guys are messing around in your insides, maybe they can fix you if your daddy couldn’t.
Alright, this tired analogy aside, I have indeed been following game guru since its inception, had 2 large projects and 2 small ones. The small ones are released and the big ones have transitioned so much and have grown a lot during development however, both are a tad too large for myself and game guru. There is of course, Shavra, which was supposed to be my magnum opus I intended to release some day and then quit making video games. It had many different iterations, starting out as “Relict” all the way back in 2010. However, its just too large for me and the core gameplay in GG would be so flawed (dialogues, combat, inventory) that it’d just not be what I wanted to do. Then there is Acythian, a game that is by its core a pure shooter and Game Guru just doesn’t have the necessary horse power in what I want to do visually, physics and especially AI wise.
There is also the fact that I wanted to return to my roots of making games and deliver story, characters and atmosphere rather than corridor shooters. I’m done making games out of necessity rather than the ones I really want to make and I lost that through the years. A wonderful german game I look up to is “Unterwegs in Düsterburg” which delivers a captivating fantasy story and lovely characters all running on a non-coder engine. Thats the route I wanna go down too.
So, I took a good look at Game Guru’s current state, took an optimistic guess of what will be to come for the engine and write a GG that will both be doable and yet combine better parts of Shavra and Acythian and make a slightly reduced game. There will be shooting in the game rather than GG’s extraordinary melee game but still very much rooted in fantasy.

Storyline A mutated agent, part of a secretive order, investigates an obscure crime related to the cataclysm that spiraled humanity to the brink of existance is drawn into a conspiracy that might end the remaining humans, who thought shelter in well guarded enclaves.

Plotline is still in flux but this is going to have a strong dark fairy tale vibe.

Background: In an alternate world and timeline, a world war had humanity in turmoil. New technological advantages caused a war humanity was unable to imagine prior. Nobody knows where they came from, the demons, the blight that took the world by storm and united mankind as one on the very brink of extinction. Most assume gods hands to punish humanity for its sins, others assume a new weapon by their respective former enemies to be the cause. Few enclaves have prevailed, cities, towns, farms and fortresses guarded and surviving for decades. Outside of these last remnants of humanity, vast zones stretch over the land populated by them.

Genre: Skrye is an action adventure set in an anachronistic mixture of diesel- and steampunk.

Development: I have been working on this game for this year and have not yet made all too large strides. I originally wanted to hold off publishing this until there is more polish and better stuff to show but I figure that this will still take quite some time…so here is some rather early work. I will upgrade the first post with newer stuff in the future and kind off try to make it a bit more eloquent in the future

(early) screenshots

The game will have a lot of modified and handmade models and media. I will also upgrade and remake a lot of classic media from my collection. I’m sure that a lot of you will recognize old media in this despite looking rather different.


Bolt action carbine rifle. A rig of the classic MAS36 from FPSCreator (2005)

Drunken Lobster Pub. Retexture from the classics collection (example)

Pocketwatch. Handmade.[/center]

The first level of the game is the harbour of the enclave city “Grevem”. It includes a lot of models that will be retextured later on and will be continously improved until the game is done.

Early Screenshot 1

Early Screenshot 2

Early Screenshot 3

Last but not least some artists without whom I couldn’t have made what I have done so far: (in no particular order)

Wizard of Id
Errant AI
Cosmic Prophet

There are of course a lot more, but this work is highly shaped by the work of these fine people.

Please let me know what you think and feel free to ask me anything.

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