Shavra – Progress and Characters

You can also read the last update for more information on design choices 🙂

I had some time to work on this and after some frustration and quite a few deleted meshes, I finally have a level of quality and workflow I can maintain to make individual characters. I have discussed this in the last update and they are still far from what is seen in current game engines but I think they fit the overall aesthetic well and blend in with the world. I haven’t done that many yet.

In the plot you will hire a ferryman to get you to the Aresh’Ren island and that is precisely the first character I have salvaged. He is not perfect and these old meshes feel rushed and have quite some frustrating flaws in them but I am getting there. This also settles that dialogues will be textbox based, with the occasional shout or comment that is audible… old school, the fossils among us will remember that well.

My next step will be to design the characters I need for the alpha, but I have also worked on other levels. I have added this swimming pool to the sanctuary where FPSC’s stock swimming animation finds its use. This is the first time I see this animation in use since 2005.

two bathing maiden in the new sanctuary pool.
Its entirely by accident that her hair has this wet look, by the way

I could end the update here, but I have also gotten the Island map to the state it will be released in when the alpha goes out sooo… while this greatly resembles what has been shown before, its now upgraded! …and this is my thread, I can present this the way I want.

Abbey with extensive garden area.

As seen before only tweaked. Notice the sign over the inn, I’ll go with sumerian style writing as the writing of the Shavrans.

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