OPS : Escape (2011) Free Full Game

Title: OPS: Escape


Developer: Bugsy

Story: This time they’ve taken it a step too far! The insurgents have converted an abandoned warehouse into their new weapons shipping plant, and what’s more, they’ve captured the first spy sent to destroy it. It’s time to carve a path straight through that god-forsaken hellhole and take down every single one of the captors on your way to rescue your comrade. In fact, command’s just given green light on the op. get going.

Description: Ops: Escape is one of Bugsys earlier releases but already shows clear signs of where his style will take him. The levels are striking, yet very sparce in design. The game only uses what it needs to create an effective high-tech warehouse ambience and the music clearly drives the action. The assets used are well chosen and I’m proud that I have also brought a few textures used in this game to the table.

Its a minimalistic game and definately an artifact of its time…but all in a good way.

Also, Please note these specs: (assumes no reshade or EBE is active)
Minimum System Specs (the game will likely lag)
2.3 GHz of processing power (multiple cores preferred)
2gb ram
GeForce 8600 256mb graphics card or equivalent

Reccomended System Specs (the game probably won’t lag ever)
3.0 ghz multicore processor
4gb ram
GeForce GTX260 1gb or equivalent video card

Requires DirectX9. And if your computer does not support DX9 by now, why are you reading a game dev website?

Download Mediafire


Requires 7zip or similar archive program… the thing is a .7z, ya figure it out, you’re not stupid.





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