Autumn – 2015 – Leadwerks Prototype



I admit that this post is rather low on content but I wish to have it on here for completion sake. Back in 2015 I have experimented with the Leadwerks engine. I have offered my modelpacks ready for said engine and it struck me as a very competent pacakge. Thus I prototyped a little project in it.

Autumn was geared to be a survival horror game set in medieval times where you would take the roll of a young witch and attempt to escape execution by the inquisition. Little did you know that the wretched practices of the inquisition has opened a portal to a demonic realm which invaded the castle you where held in.

Now, I will likely reboot this plot for a future project but until now it lies dormant.

The Leadwerks engine is quite a powerful tool but I quickly learned that, in order to develop basic gameplay, I had to reinvent the wheel for me and adapting to an all new engine would have been too time consuming for me to be worth it.

However, here are some early screenshots using my own media and some stuff from arteria 3d. Observe:

To all you code fanatics and everyone who would rather have a decent underdog engine than those overbearing gorillas of UE4 and Unity, you can get Leadwerks 3d on Steam

Leadwerks on Steam


I highly recommend it!



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