[ R E D A C T E D ] – Hired Gun – Full Release – 2016

[ r e d a c т e d ] – нιred gυn


Developer: Wolf

Description: Redacted – Hired Gun was originally conceived as a test game. I have lost a lot of games. I have spent quite some time developing, to the inadequacies of the FPSC Game engine back in the day. With horror news about completely broken built games from Nuncio and more and more people getting a variety of errors or having to circumvent missing features with odd walkthroughs I didn’t feel like throwing any more creativity and time at projects that might just go the way of the Do-Do…or the Tyrannosaurus Rex for that matter.
Another reason was the fact that I haven’t released anything playable in years. Let alone made in Game Guru…and I just had to get something out in 2016.
Well, I made it cupcake!!

I can only invite you to help me test this game by giving me your opinion and also letting me know what framerate you where getting.

Gameplay: Hired Gun is a pretty straightforward shooter. You are a lone mercenary on a mission and you’ll be going all Schwarzenegger on folks!
While I first wanted to make this a hot-n-filthy B-movie bulletfest I later added some mild seriousness to the otherwise tongue-in-cheek presentation and a lot of more tactical gameplay and increased difficulty to the game.
This game plays like a slightly less tactical and more futuristic Project I.G.I if you need a reference.
In case you are interested. I have made a very similar game with similar goals about 6 years ago with FPSC-Fenix Mod. Its still a quite enjoyable shooter.
Link to DEPRIVATION – Direct Action.

Ha! 2 free shooter games in one thread!

Plot: You are a cybernetically enhanced agent hired by a federal agency to investigate illegal transhuman experiments on a remote tropical island.

How to play/ tips and hints:

+ Code Snippet

* This isn't Serious Sam! Approach hostile encounters with care and attempt to remain in cover. If you remain in cover, a lot of enemies will attempt to move towards you.
* Its always recommended to fall back once you encounter a new group of enemies. Keep in mind that they've likely changed position when you reapproach them
* Due to the nanoplasmides in most of your body, you'll find that your health regenerates. However, this process as a delay.
* Try to have your guns loaded before an encounter and check the room you just cleared for ammo.
* Certain terminals can be linked to command. You can hack doors this way.
* Some enemies will hunt you down. And they know how to navigate their environment, don't count on them behaving like FPSC enemies.
I was pleasantly surprised seeing them maneuver a large indoor complex. Kudos to Lee! His AI ain't as bad as many people paint it to be.


* The longest loading screen ever!

* Semi-competent enemies.

* 2 High-Octane Levels filled with hostile encounters!

* Beauties from EAI’s awesome classic arsenal. Modified and slightly modernized!

* Neat Graphics and Visuals

* Its free!

* Did I mention that its free?

Notes on Graphics and performance:

– The game is designed in a way that its still looking good if you lower your settings. Please do so if you get a low frame rate on your system.

– I packed a preset reshade with the game copy these files into your root folder (where amelia.exe is) to add modern postprocessing including SMAA and Bloom

– If you run a good system and see the animated vent in the first level as black, your game is running at low or medium settings. You can set it to high in the menue but the music will likely stop playing :/

– I have deactivated native posprocessing and bloom to increase framerate! If you need Anti Aliasing, copy the files located in the reshade folder into your root folder (with the amelia.exe)

Known Bugs!

+ Code Snippet

* There are several obvious lightmapping related visual glitches in level 1
* There is a floating rock in level 2 :/
*The G22 is misplaced! However, the first version of it was floating above the players hand in an awkward way so this was the better alternative that I just didn't manage to fix.
* Vweaps /enemy guns have the wrong texture assigned (@cybernescence: I should have let you fix it! My attempts at doing so did not work in the end)
* Loading screens and interface images are oddly placed in some resolutions.
* Enemy AI is dumbing down when you experience low frame rates.





Full introduction (better served as a loading screen! Only read if you dont intend to play the game! or if you are from the future and the game is loading too fast for you):

+ Code Snippet

How did I get here?
A question that keeps popping in my head like a 10 mm bullet fired at point-blank range.
The answer seems so deceptively simple. I had to. I had to save my country. Or at least so I thought.
We where losing the eugenics war so I was chosen based on my medical records and bravery in combat.
I must have been 23 at the time when they replaced most of my body with nanoplasmically operated,
self repairing machinery. They gave me infinite stamina, super fast reflexes, superhuman strenght
and made me nearly indestructible. A super soldier for an increasingly dire war. I was one among many.
Now there are so few of us left. They gave me so much but it came at the price of my humanity.
I tried to drink away what was left of it. Haven't had much success with my damn cyborg liver.
For the people around me I was nothing but a reminder of a war they tried to forget. Haven't had
much luck with the ladies either, not with half of my damn face missing.
People like me no longer function in society. Thats how I got here. I'm still at war.
I get by doing mercenary work. Try to work for the good guys. Whatever that even means anymore.
The longer you do this, the more you'll see the lines blur and disappear completely.
Except for this job. They didn't give me much detail, they never do and its usually for the best
but apparently there is this international cult. (One of the many whack space religions that established
themselves after the war.) Intel suggests that they are financing a private army and a dozen highly
guarded military outposts and secret laboratories. The agency I'm currently working for has an informant
that has given them proof of human experiments (they most likely recruit people from their own cult) and
something much worse. They are working on a weapon. A psi-ops prototype that went missing during the late
periods of the war. To get it up and running, an insane amount of data would need to be compiled. Non-binary
algorithms. That was impossible back in the war but now... They located a facility where they suspect that
this is happening. Thats where I come in. My employers can't be connected to this op so they have to rely
on a merc like me. I'm to infiltrate a compound on a remote pacific island undetected. (they can shut off
their bunker from any outside hostility, but they don't have any way to seel themselves off once I'm inside.)
Here I am to locate the data they may have already compiled, most likely on a data rod and return it undamaged.


* This game would not have been possible without this community and especially the following gentlemen:

* Bugsy: Beta testing, numerous models, constant support and keeping me from murdering the framerate with pedantically elaborate leveldesign.

* Cybernescence: For saving this game from being cancelled due to Enemy AI issues with the hostiles not being able to fire their weapons! You’re a hero!

* The Cosmic Prophet: Tons of models used in this game

* Errant AI: Providing us with slick weapons for a decade now. Lots of our games would be even lamer without you!

* Wizard of Id: Interior Architecture!!

* Lee: Game Guru and everything that comes with it.

Arteria 3D’s Steve: Pack uses your office pack which is part of the mega packs and the scifi items pack.



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4 Responses to [ R E D A C T E D ] – Hired Gun – Full Release – 2016

  1. Mr Boo Boo says:

    How do I customize controls? I can’t find any information on the control layout anywhere!

    • serygala says:


      Default WASD controls apply, except that you’ll crouch with “C”. These can not be modified.

      • Mr Boo Boo says:

        Guess that means I don’t get to play then. Oldschool quaker from waaaaay back so I still use Mouse 2 for forward ie. WASD feels absolutely f’kin retarded! Oh well at least I get to free up HDD space for a game that doesn’t dictate how I have to play it! Thanks for replying & good luck working with a proper game engine in the future 🙂

      • serygala says:

        🙂 Did you have to be so passive aggressive about it? 😛

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