New Low-Poly 3D Assets

I usually don’t make individual posts about new 3D Models. Normally I just hoard them in the 3D Bazaar. But since I don’t have that much new to pen just yet and am in the middle of reorganizing a lot of my online presence, here are some of my recent models to keep things flowing on here:

I am back to modeling. Took some time off where I was either painting or working on Shavra as I decided that it was time for a new generation of models.
As I mentioned a few times above, my modeling has not improved all too much since I made the Mystic Library Set in 2013.
I am currently working on new packs and will be delighted to present them here. To get back into it, here is the first mesh since quite some time:

Ornate Pocketwatch

I am particulary fond of how the normalmap acts on the photograph…making it stick out. I think this item has a lot of soul to it and am pleased to have it usher in a new and (even if only slightly) improved aera of modeling.

Ornate Pocket Watch and alternative version

Here is the watch with correct normalmapping! You’ll also see it from different angles and the version without the lid.

Wooden Bow

A wooden bow with some decorative ornaments on the metallic parts.
This model didn’t live up to what I wanted to do…but oh well! I guess its fine.

temple plinth

Always useful for fantasy or jungle scenes. Its the kind of model I never seem to have enough off.

RsX Modulation Unit (version with and without screen will be available)

Scifi Prop in the style of the abandoned terraforming plant pack.

Female Cyberpunk/SF Noir mercenary

Here are some minor additions I have recently crafted:

Triple screen terminal.

Absurdly large Satcom unit. The presentation does not really show how big it is in Guru…I’ll add a screen of that later


Cyberpunk – retrofuturistic advertisment signs/billboards…err what do you call these actually?
Here are some less fancy items I have made that are just very useful to me.

Metal bars. Includes a fancy version for modern architecture.

Large pipe

Set of pipes and wall accessoires.

Not the most interesting of stuff but I’m still pretty happy with how they turned outThank you for your visit!

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Who really has time to think about a summary of himself on the internet? I like art, women, gamedesign and I love coffee. Everything else is too much information.
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