Errant AI is selling his artwork again

Long standing 3D Artist Errant AI is selling his popular weapon packs again!

In his own words:

I’ve been away too long! I hope everyone that is still here is doing well.

As you all know, TGC discontinued the FPSC model packs and store some time ago to pave the way for Game Guru.

Since then, I’ve been getting requests every now and then from devs looking to purchase those assets.

I’ve tried to take care of everyone who’s contacted me but sometimes emails fall through the cracks. For that, I do apologize.

As a hopeful solution to the issue at hand, I’ve set up a website/blog/thing that folks can use to browse and purchase my discontinued assets.

The address is

There, you will find Model Packs 9, 10, 53 and my GCS content. All of it is at a reduced price as well.

To top things off, enter this code for 20% off at checkout: 10YEARS
This code will remain valid until the 30th of May.


I am sharing this here as his content is always top notch and I’m sure other game creators can benefit from these extremely affordable packs!


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