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Errant AI is selling his artwork again

Long standing 3D Artist Errant AI is selling his popular weapon packs again! In his own words: I’ve been away too long! I hope everyone that is still here is doing well. As you all know, TGC discontinued the FPSC … Continue reading

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T.Ed is now free

Hey gang, this might be useful for some of you. T.Ed ther Terrain and Skybox Editor is now free! Link to Download ” “T.Ed is a complete solution for making huge outdoor worlds: The technique behind designing and using terrain … Continue reading

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Hello there!! After years of inactivity, I have decided to resurrect, this, my blog and webpresence. If you have followed me on various forums, you know what I have been up to, if not…well, on this website I will inform … Continue reading

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Hunted: One Step Too Far – Review

This is one of my game reviews directly issued to the developer. This review has been copied here from the Game Guru forums. You can buy “HUNTED: One Step Too Far” on Steam H U N T E D: one … Continue reading

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