{M.i.A} Missing in Action – The Subliminal Journey – Survival Horror – 2008 / 09

This is an archival post for a discontinued project from 2008.

Work on this has started in early 2008 as a pure bred FPS game in FPSC. It has been extended to a more story driven survival horror game in 2009 and development has continued on the EFX Mod by Helix Games. (one of the, if not the first engine mod for FPSC.)

Its plot centered around a dead NATO soldier fighting his fears in order to cleanse his soul in the afterlife. A concept that has later been rewritten for the 2010 game “Euthanasia”. In this iteration, the game was planned to be way more abstract in later levels and feature a large arsenal of modern military weapons. As I threw in christian mythology into this you could also use “angel powers” to combat a variety of demons.

The project has been discontinued in 2009 due to technical difficulties and my inexperience at the time.

It was one of the first games to use my texture style in order to compensate for the lack of materials and proper shading in the engine. Everything was in a really early state back then but already visually discernable.

I have also introduced the trope that you can save your game or gain health at the coffee machine which was later widely used in other games.

There was little balancing between weapons and powers so all the magical skills you could learn played pretty much like an other machine gun. The primary weapon of the game was the Steyr AUG. There was no voice acting, and the story was delivered through text boxes.

The game has a lot of background scripts controlling the players health and inventory. It was the first game of mine to ever have this feature and the last horror game to have so many items to boost your health. This was streamlined in later games.

This game had scripted puzzles that would have likely not aged well as they did mostly boil down to “find the weird thing and use it as a key”.

Here is a collection of archival screenshots:

mia1 mia2 mia3 mia4 mia5 mia6 mia7

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