GTFO – Get The Fuck Out


GTFO – Get The Fuck Out

2007 / 08

The plot of GTFO was mostly just framework to get a survive the night/escape the haunted house story going. You play as a disillusioned soldier coming home after a tour in iraq only to find his wife deceased. Upon hearing this you decide to drink yourself in a coma and awake in an old bed on what seems to be the third floor of an old, abandoned home for little girls. Here the hauntings begin and gameplay mostly centered around scares, ambience and puzzles. Oh! There where also guns and shooting 🙂

I have developed this game in my mid to late teens and I must say that in parts this really shows and in others I was quite surprised by how polished it was.

Compared to a lot of later work, this was heartwarmingly innocent. The entire haunted house seems more like a musky library or a jolly old spookride at the local fair rather than your typical depressing horror game. I’ve focused a lot on atmosphere and upping the scares little by little yet the game never left its “fantasy horror” roots.

I have pioneered a few effects for fpsc. Mainly that the enemies where covered in vertex fur shader effects to give them a spectral look and that a lot of ghosts where 2d overlays that I have temporarily spawned.

This ran on an early version of the EFX mod but still runs on modern systems

Unfortunately, I had little regard to copyright and the whole concept of it at the time. There is a good reason for that.  You see, back when I was working on this game I was part of a community with only about a dozen members. None of us would have expected more than a handful of people to ever play our games. Keeping this and my youth at the time in mind you might understand why I have cared so little about using sounds and images from other games or the web. Sadly, this is also the reason why I can not publicly share the demo I still got of this game. I do have a video of it on one of my externals that I might upload in the future.


gtfo1 gtfo3gtfo4 gtfo2 gtfox

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