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Spyra – Last Update! Screenshots included!

Time for a larger update. I have built 2 somewhat decent testmaps to illustrate this update. These levels aren’t completely done yet as designing the new higher quality visuals takes some time and implementing the more complex gameplay takes some … Continue reading

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UDK/ Unreal Engine Level Art Gallery from “Relikt” (Medieval/Fantasy)

Relikt evolved out of the FPSC Project “Relict” and was my first UDK Project. It has been featured on the website of the PC Games here (german) and had a development profile here. Youtube Link to a Video Presentation of … Continue reading

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The Archive : System Log: Genocide (2010)

FPSC 2010 Discontinued System Log genocide was a relatively short lived and rather bare bones transitional project between earlier and later incarnations of the Scifi based Shavra Shooters. The general plot was that you follow a mechanic attempting to rescue … Continue reading

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