Spyra June Update II

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I’m really glad I am not a professional gamedesigner. A few years ago I took it into concideration to take that route but decided against it simply because I did not wish to spend the majority of a day behind a screen and work in an industry where good ideas and idealism often gets stomped by investors and the cranks in the marketing department.

If Spyra would become a professional indie title with investors, publishers and deadlines it would be a major headache but since its more a late evening “thing to do” while chatting or skyping it allows me to vent a lot of creativity in overdesigning a hallway for an hour or add some gameplay elements that 70% of the gamers will most likely miss. This game, for me, is kind of like a 40 year old virgins stampcollection. I do it whenever I have the time and often to meditate over an other thing in my life.

You probably wonder why I am telling you this. Well! Simply because interest in my game has slightly increased and people seem to expect something “up there” with AAA fantasy titles from me. I dont know how you folks get that in your head but I am not qualified nor capable of doing anything even remotely like Dark Messiah or even Skyrim.

I am also not changing the engine for this title.

I cant do any epic cutscenes, dynamic dialogues with lipsync, action packed, hit-detection and animation heavy combat or even a decent stealth system. None of that! I can however make an entertaining, even if short, action-adventure and thats all I aspire to do. Dont ask these things of me, I really dont want to disappoint you guys! (and by the way! Thanks for all the requests to help on the game.)

Alright! Now:

I built a testversion of the demolevels intro-setpiece. Here you will have some dialogue
and find stuff in a chest. After that one of the 4 chapters in Spyra will be fully playable. For freebies!

Thats the looting system. You can select to take these items out, a key will spawn in the keyhole adding some movment to the otherwise static chest and the items will spawn on top of it for you to examine, consume or collect. Some chests are also animated and open up 😉

The System is a mixture of sounds, spawning objects and HUD’s. It gets the job done and seems rather “complex” without actually being it. This pic is for presentation purposes only and I’ll likely refine this later on.

Of course, the first level of a demo shows of some above average fpsc visuals and the setting of the game.

A little fountain. While having a lowres and lowpoly style, spyra aims to show visual effects that have been rarely or never seen before in FPSCreator.

Thanks for reading! Please leave some feedback 🙂


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Who really has time to think about a summary of himself on the internet? I like art, women, gamedesign and I love coffee. Everything else is too much information.
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