Spyra – Mai Update




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I had quite some time working on the game last sunday. While testing some of the improvments I made to combat and magic, I built one of my more recent maps to try it in. Here are some screenshots:

This is a necromancer. They are a small tribe in the Spyran World and the only universal link between all Spyran Religions/Believe Systems. They guide the dead out of their world, guard their tombs and burial sites, embalm bodys and study death/birth and reincarnation aswell as interdimensional afterlives.
However, since they regard you as an abomination, they will try to kill you.
Necromancers are chosen from birth to be hosts to alien beings that grant them their power over the dead. Nobody knows what they do outside of their dutys in their cult. The commonfolk of most Spyran tribes are suspicious of them, yet they deeply respect them and their abilities.

Thats a door. It opens.

A more polished combat spell. It has quite some punch

Books…they can be read.

These blue bottles are health potions. You can carry three of them and use whenever you need. You can create them in alchemy workshops.

WiP of one of the levels you can explore in the demo.

Remember when halways like this murdered FPSCs Framerate? We came a long way since then, haven’t we?

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