Spyra – Fantasy Adventure Game

Hello and welcome to the work in progress thread of my fantasy adventure game spyra.

I know that my overly dramatic entrance in the “Okkult: Children of Dagon” thread promised that I will never present another project again but I must ask you to be patient with me.
The truth is that games in the “horror” genre have a way too negative vibe for me to enjoy. While playing them intrigues me, especially the adventures of the titles from “frictional games” or the shooters from “Monolith interactive, creating them on the other hand proves to be far less entertaining. Whenever I finally come to sit in my comfortable lambpeltstrung chair I just dont want to drink tea and relax while attempting to create the most disturbing athmosphere possible and get creative placing mutilated corpses in dark hallways. Especially not after a long day.
I know that independent horror games have a certain market value and can sell while fantasy games would be drowned by the triple-A competition and I must admit that selling “Children of Dagon” was on my mind from the very beginning.
Spyra however is a far more colorful and dreamy game and I enjoy making it. Even though the prologue plays entirely in a tomb… but that scenario seems to flow best with fpscreator x9.
This also means that I will probably make a sequel in Reloaded. Depending on what the gentleman at TGC will deliver.

The good old storyteller once had a rule where he only commented on projects that presented something playable and Doomster tended to describe FPSCreator as a “screenshot-engine”. Since I contradict my former projectthread with this W.i.p, allow me to make it up to you with this alpha demo:
(Please find the password and read more in the code snippet.)

 This is an alpha version of a game running on a beta version of fpscreator. 
If something does not work or an error message displays: Please do not ask me for a fix or post here. Getting a stable version will be an issue once I will build a demo on a more stable FPSC Version. 
Known bugs: The book has no text yet, there is no intro, some narration is missing, the doors dont have a message (but therefore strange little spheres appear at the bottom.) 
Please make sure that you have the font "betterheather" (included) installed.
The password is : fidelio
This alpha has very little gameplay and is completely unpolished. Would you kindly keep that in mind 😉

A young, idealistic writer attempts various esoteric practices, including astral projection, in a journey for self discovery and as research for his novel. As he manages to leave his very body, an odd sense of displacment posessed him and he woke up in the recently deceased shell of a young warrior on another planet within another dimension. Little did he know that this energetic rift that hijacked his astral body was a reoccuring interdimensional event that transports lower astral creatures and so called “lost souls” to posess and resurrect the fallen in the otherwise utopic world of spyra. A cataclysmic event that happens every 700 years to rince the universe of useless energy such as lost souls. The symarian necromancers, guardians of the dead, mistake you for the messiah sent to end this catastrophic reoccurence once and for all. Will you find the means that grant you passage back to your own body? What secrets will the land of Symaria, the desert nation of Spyra, hold for you.
A small amateur game full of magic, adventure and a little romance.


I try to give Spyra a dreamy, mystical feel in its pastel/aquarelle colors inspired graphics, its sounddesign and its lore.
The gameplay centers around a symbiosis of puzzle and combat, driven by the story.
There will be dialogue, a primitive inventory and a bunch of other mechanics which should be very polished for an fpsc game.
You will be able to cast magic and use alchemy.
I try to give the game a lot of variety by using almost all fpsc features I can master.
Even though I spend only half as much time making games as I used to, I somehow make more progress. The game will be far more detailed in its presentation and its lore than any of my previous releases. (Thats not that difficult, I know…but my point is still valid)


Thanks for taking a look at my work. Comments and criticism is warmly welcome.

About serygala

Who really has time to think about a summary of himself on the internet? I like art, women, gamedesign and I love coffee. Everything else is too much information.
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