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Quote: ” Introduction “

Are you kidding me?

Of course not! You know I don’t joke about fun and games. Due to various circumstances I was unable to release a title this year, thats why I started working on this a few days ago to deliver at least something. I’m pretty sure the community would at least like to play something from my workbench after all the promises and plans I put into Catathrenia and all the titles I had to cancel/postpone throughout the years.

Yeah! “Various Circumstances”… the same “circumstances” that kept you from finding a new job and getting laid the last couple months? Also, the community doesn’t care about any of your garbage.

This is a presentation thread, so please be professional. I must apologise I’ve actually sent an E-Mail to Josh Mooney to unlock my Shavra Thread a few days ago to present this there so I won’t clutter the work in progress thread with this mini-game but then he saw the amazing masterpieces that spawned there lately. I swear to the great cthulu, if any of you even dare to develop another lackluster Zombiegame I’ll circumsize your… will you 2 cutiepies cut it out!? You are wasting everyones time with your childish little fights. Look! If you are still reading this… we are making a game for you! Maybe it will get a little popular and help to raise funds for FPSC-Reloaded which is an orgasmic project by the handsome lads at TGC. Silly me! You already know that So, our little project is…

Quote: ” Story and Setting “

another Mini Title in the Shavra Universe. Its structured a bit like one of my first releases here “The Escape from Reaper Harbour” and it plays a lot like “Deprivation: Direct Action”. Jeez! Your old titles where cheesier than the storyline in an 80’s exploitation porn flick. Figures! Shavra is a planet split in a raging war between…. you know what? The recap would completely blow this out of proportion so lets skip it! What a shame.

Story: All attempts of the Freedom-Faction to keep th New Shavran Order from launching a spiesattelite network has failed leading the NSO to discover strategically important cities in the planet parts controlled by the Faction. The mining-town “Noémie”, known for its iron-mines and alternative energiesource tests has been assaulted by a full legion of the NSO. The battle lasted for 12 hourse leaving the city in complete destruction. Needless to say, the troops at Noémie did not withstand the legion. You, a young soldier of the Faction, have not managed to escape the city as the last troops have been evacuated.

With the battle long over, the city was filled with NSO Troopers, retrieving whatever intel they could find and killing remaining survivors. The young soldier, knowing that survival was impossible but not willing to give up without a fight, discovers a note on the corpse of a Special Ops member of the Faction. An objective so vital to the survival of the Faction that failure was simply not an option. A computerterminal in Noémie had informations on file about the location of New-Shangri-la the underground headquarters and the largest city of the freedom faction. With no change to get out alive, the young soldier makes his way to the terminal clinging to a lost spark of hope…hope that the NSO has not found it yet.
Let me clean this up for you! You are there, everything is screwed. You have to find the thing and shoot everything in between. …and since you make this game there will be a completely unnecessary female character popping up down the road.

You should really work on your english. Its great for the internet but just not fit yet for story summarys, honey!.

Quote: “Features”

Remember Shavra-Dead Frequency? With all the custom guns, waypoint following scripted AI, Shader Intensive Environments and Allies? Well this isn’t it!

With this game I totally reinvented the hammer because in this game you get to collect guns and shoot the bad guys!

To set this apart from all the other first person shooters out there, there is even a freaking Sewer Level! Made with love!

So lets pump out a feature list and get this over with! thats what she said…at least the last part

* Cool Weapon features, such as tactical reloading and visual feedback on some guns if they are shot empty. You can also use a specific ammo type on all weapons that use that ammo. (P.Ex: 9mm ammonition work on all 9mm weapons)

* Enemies react as smart as they did in Deprivation. Maybe a bit better here and there…thats okay, right?

* Cool health system with injections. It works a bit like in F.E.A.R.

* Gritty post war – scifi athmosphere

* Custom Soundtrack

* Okay graphics! I wanted to add some flowers but the 2 stooges said no

* Ultra fast development: release date before 25th november!

I never asked for this

I know…whatever you’re asking for usually scars me for life!

Thehe! Thats because you don’t have a sense of humour…why so serious?

They’ll be busy arguing for hours. I’ll show you the lovely screenshots in the meantime:

Even though we really push this to get it done in one week, we keep an eye for little details like water dripping out of this tank.

Storyline areas are rather vast while combat zones are more constrained.

Outdoor passages are mainly just there to mess with bugsy.

There is a pretty erotic lasershader in this game too

Even though we pretty much make all the levels in one go without much concept…they still tend to have their moments.

EAI’s G36 overused?… yeah! Just like your… Woah! Just escaped a modslap there… now will you be quiet? I’ll get some coffee I had it with my boring and my female side anyway

Well, will you look at that. Your audience took their life after reading through this painful thread.

I made these watereffects using bonds shaders. Special eyecandy for you my love. Its wet…on a totally unrelated note

Bloom in FPSC is still a blast!

Alright guys! I hope you survived my schizophrenic comedy episode and I certainly wish that you’ll provide some feedback…questions…comments. This’ll be released pretty soon as you might have red. This november…hence the title.

You know who I really missed in this conversation? Wolf!


But now its time for a little update!

This shows a prototype of the minimalist HUD system. You’ll have icons that display the amount of medikits you carry above your healhtsphere thingie. There will also be numerics below the Weapon HUD which I’m not happy with yet. Thats really it.

Of course! I will also have “bloody screen” shenanigans.

In the more wartorn areas, you’ll have frequent firefights but also a lot of cover.

It took me a bit longer to make these bombed areas than the average level but I think it was worth it and the set fits well with the skybox.

These green fields are tactical energieshields the NSO uses to block paths and enhance their fixed positions. These will hurt you.

Some scenes look a bit grim

Thats it for now!


Video on youtube

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