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This project is a test and practice game. I started it to improve my modeling skills while developing it. (the focus is on 7 Weapons that will be made for this project.)

Development will be fast and I aim to complete it within next month.
None of my other projects are in any way cancelled as this is more like “schoolclasses” to improve “children of dagon”.


In the center of a gray and desolated city is the C-Tower. A giant antenna used to control the population
of the city (New Brughes) via subliminal extremely low frequency waves. (this was long ago, and the Time fraction uses other mindcontrol devices nowadays in its megacities…this will be described in another game.)
The war escalated and the city’s chancellor ordered to use higher doses on the population to keep them apathic
and from joining the freedom fraction that had a huge lobby in the underground and suburban areas. This accidentally resulted in severe organic failure (immediate death) or insanity. The time fraction quickly manufactured various other E.L.F. devices and used them as a new secret weapon against the growing resistance forces. Their own men have been vaccined against these waves. Small nanomachines that neutralize the unhearable waves in their body.

Soon after the total extermination of the cities population the C-Tower has been turned off.
The citie decayed and became a huge black silhouette in the middle of shavras dead deserts. A memorial of oblivion. (that one was kinda poetic, wasn’t it? )
42 years later:
The tower started working again, spreading deadly waves of E.L.F. through the desert that reached few Freedom shelter’s. Headaches and hallucinations where the immediate result.
Over his girlfriends numerous objections, a man rises in the dead of night: he’s a Deconverted, a former member of the time fractions elite forces, one of a handful who have turned against their leaders and joined freedom. That night, he and 2 other Deconverts: an ex-time Engineer, cynical and coldblooded woman with greenish haircolor and a quiet, emotionally unstable sniper have been assigned to penetrate the citie through the huge sewage system. In the deserted citie they get attacked by a much higher enemie force than they expected . As they draw near, the rules seem to change and they face a crisis.


-* A scary and intense soundtrack recorded by me using guitar and synchronizer

-* Vertical gameplay featuring low gravity zones and tactical gunfights. (as far as I can go with FPSC in the time given)

-* Slightly surreal visuals merging dystopic science fiction with steampunk’ish vintage elements.

-* Improved leveldesign and improvised special effects.


I was working on this for a while now, but I held myself back to not flood the thread with tons of screenshots.

Enemies will be added as soon as all the new guns are done.


A small update. Had to do a lot fo wierd stuff and the time to work in FPSC was a bit short.

Yeah! I got a slight headache and won’t explain every picture now. But if anyone has a question, I’d be glad to answer!!

If you like that retexture, here is the female companion from the game:


Here is another update on this. I had some fun with it this evening, so do not expect anything awesome.

The star of these shots (second floor of the water purification facility) is the Anathol SMG. Kindly rigged by Abdul Ahad.

The last image shows the skybox thing.

And here are some minor tweaks I made on the EAI Taskforce 341 chars to make them suit the setting.


I make serious coffee – so strong it wakes up the neighbors.

I know, I know…the new 1.18 Water looks better and has real reflections…but the selfmade crap is always the best crap!

New additions are a cute little shellsound after firing a gun and some gearrattling while reloading. I showcased the lovely little (cheap) effect when shooting the water

There is not much new leveldesign to show, so this will do until next update.

I would have uploaded the Flamethrower to my 3d Chat Thread, but I already have it there, and its not the right place for unfinished business

So, comments are much appreciated folks! Keep em rolling

Take a look at one of the new guns:

The Boxart

The original image was made with pencil and aquarellpencilcolors. Took me more time than I expected it to:


To give you guys a more concrete update: Screens from the room I used to create the lightmapping tutorial with

nothing fancy, but I haven’t posted screens in a while now:


I’m lagging motivation these days…hanging around too much.
Maybe its because I simply don’t find a good apprenticeship in this hellhole or because my little summerromance found a sudden and out-of-the-blue end. Basically I’m sitting too much in front of my computer again…this is so depressing.

ANYWAY Not your burden. I have a small update for you people:

As you can see, there was not much going on here.

However, I’m going to release an MP³ Album with all the soundtrack files for this thing Just so I can design a cover for it

You all shall perish in front of the mighty doublepost!

Sorry folks

Been a little busy on Shavra again way to waste your sparetime,canhead! …wait, who are you? I’m you’re less boring I, you knew that Will you quit it? I try to seem professional here! You and professional, how is that supposed to work?

Well anyways! I finally modeled a mainweapon for the enemie troops in Shavra The first one had Errant AI’s G36C with Snowcamo which made a lot of sense in a giant prison on a almost completely desert planet … so I just thought I should stick witht he concept and keep the original idea.

The scope has a modeled in ironsight.Fancy Projection or just a green dot (not sure what’ll look best yet) will be added in-game with the Scopeoverlay feature FPSC has. Because his crapshader does not support transparency! Can it! You don’t even know what a shader is!


Now to the actual screenshot-update! Thats not a word!

I hope you all like it! You know, he has shown some of these from a different angle already!

The release date is set on september, and with only 6 Levels to go, I think this should work out! work out! Yeah, thats something you should do again instead of being semidepressed and geeky! You used to have a so callen sixpack! Now, you are the one to talk, all you do is sending letters to get the crappiest jobs and… At least I’m still fighting! Stop cutting of my sentences! Thats not even possible! I am you! will you two cut it out? Oh no! Not your female side again -.-.
I know its a hard time for all of us, but this behaviour won’t get us anywhere! I bet something will turn up soon and we can all be happy again! Lets group hug and get some icecream later! I actually want to draw a butterfly on my G36 now…
Yeah… thats just wierd! Did you people know that it is actually wolf’s female side that is big on guns? Just wierd! … man, I’m getting to bed now!

Sorry! I got carried away


Thats actually a great idea! I will do that. Thanks for the input.

Here you can take a look at all the finished guns so far. (Stock Weapons are not part of the list)

On my cheap laptop screen they all appear almost black. If this is the case for you… invest in a better screen

I have another small update on the progress for you people.

I made this connection bridge. There will be some shooting here, but you can play through it within 3 minutes. A really small level.

I also modeled this little Uzi

Feedback is getting a little short here, please drop a comment if you check by


Good news everyone!

I wanted to start this update with things that are going quiet well in my life now, but I decided that most of you dont even remotely care about that. Which is why I decided to give you the latest news on SHAVRA which are pretty exciting

After having Abdul Ahad helping me out with some rigging first. I decided to teach myself how to animate in fragmotion. I had my first go on it today with bending a cylinder. (I know what you are thinking right now).
However. It worked!
I contected cyborgArt to get blank Handmodels and the stock guns as Milkshapefiles in groups so I can get started with my own animations. I plan to give you guys some real smooth tactical animations.
But until then, I guess I have to bend some more cylinders

I also made a whole bunch of new 3D Models. Computers, machinery…stuff like that. I will give you people a full art asset preview of these in my 3D Chat thread later.
You can see some in the screenshot update aswell

I also finally made the titletheme of the game Some of you already heard it, everyone else will be suprised, amazed or vomit in disgust when its released

Coming up next, some screenshots:

Last image is a gapfiller.

Comments and Critics? Fire away!


There is nothing exciting to talk about…only a bit more leveldesign

Direct your eyes now on the new update
I’m half done with the level that will be explained completely in the leveldesign tutorial I recently spoke pretty much off. You can see what it is. Its a dark matter generator core that needs to be shut down in a puzzle.
Comments and critics are appreciated as usually! (large image ahead)


bad news everyone!

FPSCreator figured out that she could annoy me with spontaneously skyrocketing the size of my levels. I had to delete unimportant details to get them to work together with the gameplay elements. Of course: they are shorter and less detailed now. Isn’t that great? No? Yeah…it really sucks.

The AI is also causing problems over problems. Yeah… I have to come up with somewhat working AI over Errants already great standarts? Why? Well… apparently people expect it from me.
The stuff I came up in Deprivation: Direct Action was already good enough for me, thats what I think about it But however: Better AI is getting forced in.

On a less negative side: I have a pretty cool model for the 2 bossfights ingame. depending on the time I have this week…they will also get their own custom weapons.

Ahmm… okay, I made a collage with a few screenshots I had in my folder so this post is less depressing:

I copied the image to this site, so I can start a new threadpage with images

Read about it on page 6

Posted: 17th Sep 2011 00:15     Edited: 17th Sep 2011 00:21     | link | toggle

Another Update?! Well…deal with it.

You might have noticed that yesterday was the deadline. And guess what? I didn’t make it. I really didn’t have the time.

So, I still have to put up with writing the dialogue, sending the dialogue to the voiceactors, creating 3 more puzzles, finetuning the firefights, deleting media from maps that are too large, creating an additional level to finalize it, sound for the weapons, additional sound besides the music for the levels, some extra tunes for the loadingsscreens, the loadingscreens, interface for interactive mapobjects, the airmodsettings for the guns, additional muzzleflash effects, the introvideo, the outrovideo, the gameoverscreen…yeah! Its a lot of fun!

You wonder what I’m suddenly so busy doing? Well, taking over the world and raising up my global empire. What else?

So, before I post a few images, I need some guy with a 64bit Windows 7 system and a good computer rig and another one with windows vista (64 and 32 bit) and also a good system to beta test this thing. It is important that you have good knowledge of FPSC and that you really want to put time and effort in the testing as I need a complete list of all the flaws that you find. I only point this out so detailed because I dont need anybody that simply wants to get the game early on.
If you have any of the above requirements, please post ahead

I proudly present you the list of guns that are 100% in the game
I know that I already presented some other models earlier on, but I’m afraid that not all of these will make it in the final game.

I do however think that I can add another list of the same length before I release the game

I also made some cool woodpart retextures for errants M.1014 and Desert Eagle. I show some close ups of these later.

You can also check out this thread to see some work in progress of the last guns for Shavra

Thanks for reading folks, please share some thoughts if you already checked by.

Lets get this over with In case you find any typos, you can keep them. I’m writing this while chatting and watching “the cinema snob” reviewing some porn.
So lets get this going… I really owe some explanation to you guys.
In case you have no idea what is going on here, this is the thread where I explain why I’m unable to release a full version of Shavra – Dead Frequency and this mainly serves as a guide so you don’t make the same mistakes with your project.
Lets start with the very idea this was started on. Shavra was ment to be a game for me to practice modeling on. 3D Modeling was new ground for me as I started it and the game would mainly serve as a device for me to design a bunch of semifictional weapons and do some leveldesign. However, the game grew popular. Really popular… so, since the storyline wasn’t so bad and it had some characters I could make interesting in it, I decided to take it further.

So, the development was going on rather well and I was making 18 levels within a few weeks with premade tactical cover where the combat will be and of course, the puzzles. It even had a few rather unique gameplay ideas, like kicking in doors
(which didn’t work, because FPSC’s physics system is just “awesome”)

Alright, enough introduction, lets just get a list of flaws that killed it:

Number 1: The combat was just ridicoulus. Thats pretty much it. I started with modified scripts from errant AI (which are actually great) but FPSC decided that as soon as multiple entities have this complex scribts, some might just not act or act out of context. I then decided to go with older scripts I used in deprivation and also other games. However, deprivation had a different layout (and a really wierd title…) that didnt make the scripts work in Dead Frequency.
I also planned on making this having elements of vertical shooter gameplay. (that means, that enemies might often be above or below you in tower like indoor areals). However, these levels run horribly slow and the enemies don’t really react to it. The worst downer here is the team combat which was essential to the plot.
It was horrible and didn’t work at all. AT ALL.

Number 2: The lag. The whole concept of Shavra bases on gunfight with a large group of enemies. Even though I never went over the 10 enemies per level (3 of them active at a time) I had suffering framerate.good, on my system it kept running above the 35 frames line at all times, but on other systems it would just blow. Especially because the shooter passages should flow a lot better and feel fast paced.

Number 3: The weapons. I know modeling a lot of guns was the main-focus of this thing, but I just kept overdoing it. I made … 35 guns so far. A lot of them aren’t even completely textured (because it takes me one hour to make a gun while watching comedy… and 4 to texture the thing). This would result in another problem: Riggin them all, making VWEAP and PICKUP entities, different sounds that do also sync to the animations, HUD’s, editted gunspecs… I just realised the chore too late. So… I just decided to pick 9 guns that would be featured in the game, but here again, frustration strikes! A lot of guns dont really work with the animations, dont look good in first person view and in the middle of a large “rigging session” i somehow changed my export settings because the animations where playing the wrong frames InGame later. (which was so frustrating that I just laughed out loud and didn’t do anything for the game 2 days afterwards.)

Number 4: The plot. You red the story in the first post of Shavra – Dead Frequency so you know what its about. (If not…your lazy!) It was simple and in my opinion pretty good for a shooter game. However, I had to explain a lot that was going on in the levels so it had a whole lot of text. And a lot of dialogue I would have to A) Write a dialogue script that at least has some basic multiple choice options (“yes” “no”) and subtitles…and all of this should somehow mix up with animations. I even had death sequences planned that should be dramatic…but no matter how I planned it, it always felt cheesy and just wrong.
There where even levels that where just fillers to give the buildings more depht and realism. (I never actually planned any kind of …you know…gameplay going on in there.)

Number 5: The ESCAPE (from the tower of boredom)
The game was incredibly boring. Level 1 and 2 kinda rock (and I’ll release them one day or another) but the rest is totally stiff and looks good but feels completely dull. I don’t even know why, it must be the pacing, the combat… the lag of survival elements that kept Euthanasia interesting. I’m just disappointed with every single gameplay element.

Okay… I forgot to add the tutorial part. But thats because I have been interrupted while writing this thing…at least 30 times.

Oh yeah! I stated my farewell to first person shooters. Don’t worry, I’ll be annoying you soon enough with other projects…that are a lot more pretentious now because:

Summary : Future Development plans:

Quote: ” After a lot of first person shooters (Please see Gameography for more information) I’m finally done with them. I stick to first person adventure gameplay from now on. Sure! There will be gunplay, but it will be rare and there will be build up to it. I’m not telling that first person shooters are impossible in FPSC (that would be ironic) I just see its potential in another genre.
I’m best at creating athmosphere and telling a story through a game. So I think I’ll reach a larger audience with these Penumbra/Amnesia’esque titles. If you are going in FPS territory: Get some inspiration from classics like the first Half Life or Return to castle wolfenstein. These transfer very well into FPSC because the shooter gameplay is still simple and the visuals are lowpoly enough to run smooth. If you get all your inspiration from the game you are currently playing on your XBox 360, thinking about how to get this kind of gameplay and visuals in FPSC…then I don’t have anything to say to you.
However, my future games will be short storys told through puzzle/suspense bits, dialogue and the environment itself. No more bland fast paced action shooters. And yes, you get some bits of this soon…with a demo that will come out of nowhere.”

And now! my Game-o-graphy: (oldest to newest…might mix up some)

1. Never Lived Dreams (2D Action Survival Horror) My first game..and my entry to hobby gamedev // Full Release
2.Untitled Vampire RPG 2D RPG Project discontinued (what was I thinking?!)
3.Untitled Exorcist Shooter Game My first FPSC Game! Boy was it campy (never released, never made it past the build process (in FPSCv.1.0)
4.Nocturne: Templeraider’ish adventure shooter. got lost in harddrive crash
5.Lunar Crisis: Discontinued, later rewritten into Symbiotic
6.Fall of Gaia rewritten into shavra series
7.Missing in Action: recycled into Euthanasia
7b.Nightmare: Discontinued
8. GTFO: German Demo Release only. Discontinued (it was actually pretty good)
9.Disasterpiece: Discontinued
10.Deprivation: Direct Action: Actionshooter, full release
11.Shavra: The Escape from Reaper Harbour: Scifi Shooter, Full Release
12.Shavra: Beyond Cryostasis and Vitrification: Discontinued
13.Euthanasia: Full release
14.Symbiotic: Currently being rewritten to new project.
15.Thanatophobia: Full Release
16.Shavra-Dead Frequency: Discontinued

—>So! Within all these years, I certainly screwed up a lot of titles…but hey! To my defence, I was rather young most of the time…and I might even pick up some of them again. AND! I actually made 8 titles that spawned something playable <—



New Scifi Adventure Game

2012: Children of Dagon(working title) // Relikt

Thanks for reading! …and I’m actually really sorry that I messed it up with Shavra so much folks!

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