Cyberpunk Asset Pack for sale

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I think its more than appropriate to have my own commercial products archived on my webblog. This is a Modelpack for low to mid poly videogames I designed together with Wray “Bugsy” Burgess.


“Get ready to create a cyberpunk themed world with this new and exciting model pack. The pack provides a range of architectural assets including industrial structures such as cables and cages along with wires and pipes. There’s also a selection of high rise buildings and additional smaller buildings such as stores.

The pack also includes a large freeway bridge and overpass assets and a collection of rooftop models, for example, air conditioning units and solar panels. A set of funky looking signs and adverts are also available for decorating your scene along with several light fixtures. Finally to round things off there’s a group of entities including an ATM machine, ceiling camera, power generator and more.”


Please note that the skybox, roads and kerbs are not included.

Please note that the skybox, roads and kerbs are not included.


  • Industrial structure assets
  • Simple wires and pipes
  • Background buildings
  • Building blocks
  • Overpasses and bridges
  • Rooftop assets
  • Funky signs and adverts
  • Stripper billboards
  • Light fixtures
  • Technology and machines
  • Chandelier set

You can order this pack via “The Game Creators”. Click here 

It is sold in Direct X (.x) file format and optimised for FPSCreator. You can also contact me if you want me to convert the files for another engine or software.

For more pictures and a look at the work in progress media you can visit this Forum Thread: Click here

Thanks for reading!

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