[Work in Progress] Medieval Fantasy Pack (Assets and Gothic Architectural Props)

“Upon my return from the werewolf hunt, I went to the Inn for a drink. “What would you like?” asked the innkeep. “Surprise me” I told him and he showed me the chastity belt of my wife.”

After opening with that kneeslapper…welcome to the workin in progress thread of my new Modelpack which includes:


*Multiple Segmentsets with matching primitive meshes for non-boxic architecture
*Gothic and Fantasy Architectue props with variations.
*Medieval props such as furniture, catacomb and temple decorations etc.
*Items that can be used for story and quests
*Larger props having FPSCR in mind
*colorful fantasy church windows


*Particle effects
*2 or 3 Characters

All the segments use shaders and the assets can be equipped with bond1’s “lightmapherospec” shader for static entities which is available in the metro theater modelpack.
Most models have simple textures that can be edited or replaced by complete newbies at texturing.
I use a lot of selfmade textures photographed in Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland in this pack aswell!

So far, I dont have that much props FPSC ready and you get to see a lot of Toolbag renders laters aswell but for now lets just take a look at some of the architectural pillars, shall we?

Please note that I did not deactivate the Postprocessing I use in my game, so the screenshots have a creepy blue undertone here.

If you leave some comments or feedback, could you also tell me if the pictures load fast or slow for you? Thank you!

About serygala

Who really has time to think about a summary of himself on the internet? I like art, women, gamedesign and I love coffee. Everything else is too much information.
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