Okkult : Children of Dagon Initial Development Article

This is it! This is the big one.
My last game. I felt gamedevelopment fading from me the last couple of months as I don’t find the joy in it I used to and have less time so there is likely no 2014  games from me. This right here will be my last WIP . If this game fails and this thread disappears in the depths of this forum you can concider me out. I might still keep up modeling as a freelance artist but no more selfmade games.

Now, after my dramatic entrance: Welcome to the first development post for Okkult (formerly known as „children of dagon“ which has been anounced cenutrys ago as my first commerical title. Some of you might even remember it!)

The story is nothing too fancy as I have to make this game in FPSCreator and I try to tell the story WITH Fpscreator as well as I can. Allow me not to get too specific on certain plot elements! The storyline so far sounds as basic as it gets but I do have some cool (I dislike this adjective as much as most intelligent people but its fitting) lovecraftian content I dont want to spoil for you.

Evidence B-12: Classified.
textfile copied from soundrecording for archivation:My name is Logan Carpenter, I’m broadcasting this from the multinational climate research base Alessa II. This base is official registered as a restricted area since 2010 and I know why… I mean… I don’t know where to start. Ahm… okay! … I don’t have a lot of time… I used to have this base on my patrol routine years ago and my fiancee Claire O’Shea was…no….IS stationed here. The base has been cut off by a massive blizzard for about half a year. Temperatures kept falling to -95C° every few hours here…ahm… This base is the epicenter of this blizzard! Its origin is not natural. Its not a phenomenon caused by global warming or anything…its them! They somehow cause it. I…I think its their presence disrupting the balance of … I’m rambling sorry…
You see! I used to spend every weekend with Claire but since the base got closed down for public I was lucky to see her every 2 months and she…changed. At first I thought it was me and she was just stressed out but it was something in her eyes…something in the way she spoke and the way she moved…nobody else noticed it. They actually had the guts to tell me I was just paranoid…and she was always a bit creepy anyway… but they haven’t seen what I have seen here. Ahm…okay…ahm… I record this broadcast while transmitting.
So, I asked her what was wrong and she told me that the work stressed her since the new „investors“ took over. The base would grow at an enormously fast rate and she would not be able to get a break. Ahm! She was a microbiologist and apparently they found something while drilling for icecoresamples. I left it at that, little did I know that what they found where not some kind of prehistoric bacteria… they found this thing and it… changed them! There is no way this has been built by humans. Its… [*Sound Recording Distorted*]Ahm! 3 months ago we received a scrambled radiotransmission from this base. It was Claires voice… As the storm cleared up a little I …stole… a helicopter and … I crashlanded close to the base. It was cold… I felt my bodytemperature drop knowing I had mere seconds to find shelter…


*Vivid snow and ice effects! Particle and shader effects create a truely freezing athmosphere.
*Tough adventure gameplay and survival elements
*Strong athmosphere and visual style featuring shaders not yet seen in FPSC.
*Innovative health system
*Ambience enhancing horror scenes
*Coherent synergy of graphical design and memorycap. Even dynamic objects fit in and don’t stick out as much as In my former titles.
*Selfmade and modified characters and creatures.


I know most of these are really blue. Its because the scenes I made so far are not only in a very early state but also very cold.
There is a temperature feedback with the scenes color. I also use Starminds cold breath effect (see special thanks) to underline chapters where you constantly have to heat up your body.

I post added the HUD snow blur in the helicopter and that simple outdoor shot because the standart screenshot function FPSC uses does not show the head up display pictures and I didnt want to give you guys the bars and distorted resolution (I use widescreen).

I know there are a lot of weapons in these shots but don’t let this mislead you. Whenever you do find a weapon you only have a couple shots for a very long time and different weapons use different ammunition (While some weapons shader ammunition types).

You find weapons (and healthpacks etc.) only on logical places where it could have been. I don’t go all Silent Hill 2 on you where you find healthdrinks and pistol ammo lying around in the most unlikely places…yet its still one of the first games mentioned when people talk about Survival horror.

The weapons are also polished and modified to handle as smoothly as possible.

This game is very inspired by the Penumbra Series (Frictional Games). However! I chose to do some things different as in my game you actually meet a couple characters.

The first one I started working on is Dr. Judith Walken… you will meet her from time to time throughout the game. This is a very early version. It a modified EAI char with a new wig:

Special thanks:

These are the nicknames of the people that made this development possible:

Starmind for his cold breath effect
Rolfy of whom’s work I base the weather effects on
Cosmic Prophet who seems to have made a fitting prop for every corner of this game
Errant AI for the Arsenal and the characters
Bond1 for his monster rigs, some meshes and fantastic shaders
Fenwolf for his furniture set I’m too lazy to model myself
Doomster for his scripts and exorbitant segmentsets
Wizard of id for some great segmentmeshes

This list is in no way complete and will certainly grow throughout the development of this title.

I can totally understand if you dont want to comment on or support this title until I show some more content.

If you like what you see and feel like supporting me, you can also donate.

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Who really has time to think about a summary of himself on the internet? I like art, women, gamedesign and I love coffee. Everything else is too much information.
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