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2012 3D Artworks

These are my gameready 3D artworks from the past year ๐Ÿ™‚ย This list is rather incomplete… please visit my “3D Art” category for more. Feel free to contact me if you want to buy any of these.   Advertisements

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3D Russian guns for indie fps project (Canalyst)

These are the weapons I modeled for the Indie FPS Game “Canalyst” by Sector 49 Studios Thanks for checking by.

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Old Cyberpunk guns

These are some older models of mine. They don’t hold up to what I’m currently capable of but are still very neat ๐Ÿ˜‰

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[Work in Progress] Medieval Fantasy Pack (Assets and Gothic Architectural Props)

“Upon my return from the werewolf hunt, I went to the Inn for a drink. “What would you like?” asked the innkeep. “Surprise me” I told him and he showed me the chastity belt of my wife.” After opening with … Continue reading

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Free 3D Dojo for games

For all you game or leveldesigners out there: I recently started working on an all asian themed fantasy pack. Which should feature a lot of ancient chinese, korean, japanese and thai architecture and fantasy assets. Since I model for fun … Continue reading

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Okkult : Small update

Small update. A few shots from what I have been adding to the game lately. Its not much. I painted the sinister blood symbols with aquarelle colors, I hope its not too obvious. I’ll tone down that bright specular effect, … Continue reading

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Review : Leviathan Crossfire: Revelation

Hey Internet! Its time for another review. This time the Fpscreator title “Leviathan Crossfire – Revelation”. Revelation is actually a Alpha-Demo version of the game “Leviathan Crossfire” currently under development by DHK Games which you might now for the Indie … Continue reading

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