Euthanasia – Links/Mirrors/Reviews/Videos

Here I post a selection of links about the game from around the web. Due to the projects age, a lot of content has already disappeared.

Original Release Thread

Level 1 Playthrough on my own channel


YT Review “Under the Radar”

Reviews on IndieDB

Video Review by “take this studio”

In depht written review by Tristan Parrish Moore

Review in Italian

Softpedia Review and Mirror


Most DL links are no longer available and I have no control over these, download at own risk or grab the final edition here.

IndieDB Profile

Izzygames mirror

Idealsoft Mirror

FreePCGamers Mirror

File Planet Mirror


Rad Brad Lets Play

Captain Reloadz LP

French Lets Play

MreGamers Adventure Lets Play

LEV 1 idealsoft

German Lets Play

Game Watch Lets Play

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