The 3D Bazaar – Chapter V

Uncle Wolfs 3D Bazaar

Hello and welcome to the Bazaar!
Please, come in, come in! Here I will show you wonders beyond your keenest imagination. I deal in prestigious polygons woven around the finest vertices!

This is Chapter V of my 3D content! I hope you find something you like.

Ornate Pocket Watch and alternative versionHere is the watch with correct normalmapping! You’ll also see it from different angles and the version without the lid.

Wooden BowA wooden bow with some decorative ornaments on the metallic parts.
This model didn’t live up to what I wanted to do…but oh well! I guess its fine.

temple plinthAlways useful for fantasy or jungle scenes. Its the kind of model I never seem to have enough off.

RsX Modulation Unit (version with and without screen will be available)Scifi Prop in the style of the abandoned terraforming plant pack. You’ll get a version without the screen on the store as well. I’ll drop a post once all these have been uploaded.Here are some minor additions I have recently crafted:

Triple screen terminal.

Absurdly large Satcom unit.

Cyberpunk – retrofuturistic advertisment signs/billboards…err what do you call these actually?Here are some less fancy items I have made that are just very useful to me.

Metal bars. Includes a fancy version for modern architecture.

Large pipe

Set of pipes and wall accessoires.Hey everyone!!

Some recent work, mostly linked or semi-linked to my current video game project.

Simple cage. (It has a little lockpad.)

Simple computer-rig clutter object.

Seeing how third person is getting more and more prevalent and evolved and how we have plenty of different hands to rig our models to, I figured I could start adding some weapons again here and there.
I’ve started with a somewhat futuristic heckler & koch USP knockoff. (by the way english people…you don’t say “heckler and cock” you say “heckler and korrh”)

Mahegan Zero 9mm pistol

Mahegan Zero silenced pistolIn my ongoing effort to getting all my old content out there before 2017 I decided to release some old commissioned work I have done for projects that never went anywhere.
Most of that is pretty dated and no longer usable but some of it still holds up and I don’t want it to go to waste.

An 94 AbakanI have continued working on the pack but there are still quite a few things that I want to add before I’ll release it. Here is the new content that is done to almost done:

Large Advertisement Pillar. The right item either for a busy city square or a lonesome scifi gas station in the desert.
The adds on it are easily replacable for whatever you want to have in your game.

I know, these are quite simplistic but I used these coffin like pillars quite a bit in some Acythian levels and figured why not throw it in the pack as well.
Nothing interesting on its own but certainly hand in level design.

The crate! A pack like this needs it. This one comes in 2 different variants as you can see.
I’m happy with how it looks and we all know that video game levels need their crates

Old Ots14Groza Model. Same story as with the Abakan. Also thrown in the pack.


For something else completely, I am also still working on Shavra, altough a little slower with that little progress in game guru lately and this is one of the latest fantasy themed props I have worked on:

Sanctuary Marble PillarI’ve had some time to finalize a bunch of other meshes:

Syringe (Empty)

A low poly and low res set of syringe items. Added a bunch of different colours for all kinds of gameplay ideas. I’ve had a shooter-rpg Hybrid in mind where you could boost your stats? Whatever suits your game! Additional to the empty variants are Amber, Mana and Nanites:

A set of shelves

Wall piece

This is a simple structural piece designed to give some curves to rectangular hallways or hide ugly corners.

Briefing Table

A prop I’ve been meaning to do since I played “Splinter Cell: Blacklist”. Its a large touchscreen briefing table for your space ship bridge (or whatever).
Note that you can place an animated hologram on the round element if you wish to do so.These are the last generic additions, after that I’ll put in a bunch of consoles and screens and that will then form a pretty rounded up pack!

Cyber Barrell, 2 Variations

Fluorescent lights in various colours

Machinery Pillars, open, semi open and closed

Large Console

Small table displays



small consoleHowever, I’ve recently been digging through archives and updated this old gun. Its pretty outdated being from around 2013 but I do believe it’d do well in a third person view game.
It’ll certainly be in an upcoming pack and I’ll also upload it to my CGTrader account.

Altogether new content should be posted somewhat soon as well!

Wooden table set with decorative legs

The rest are near future pillars in my usual style. One is also a streetlamp hybrid.

Caged Pipe
A prop designed to fill corners.

Following are a bunch of rather simple models. A fiberglass pipe, a stereotypical scifi item (I’ll animate it to have the center part spin around. This will replace an older model with vertex animations that I could not get working.) If you wonder whats up with that concrete piping. Well, its for my sewer map. I want there to be lots of foliage so sunlight needs to reach in. I’ll pack you a w.i.p. screenshot of that map along with the presentation:

More lights! You can never have enough of those and they are easy to make! So hey!

I’m also adding cleaner components for levels where the rusty and worn down look doesn’t fit. Please let me know what you think of it compared to my “rugged and dirty” props.

Last but not least: The Saskia Heavy Assault Rifle
This is not my model! Its a mesh mix of several models I own. I wanted to modernize an STG44 and did it. Its based on BSP’s STG 44 model from the ww2 guns pack, blended with his AEK. The lower attachment is the AR from the stock FPSC Scifi weapons. I think it looks really cool as a scifi attachment.
Of course, there wouldn’t be a dangling wire attaching it to the scope in real life, however, banged up cyberpunk is kinda my “stick” here
I imagine it to allow the user to see termal signatures through thin walls. Something like that
Since this is fun, I’ll likely “update” a bunch of other WW2 weapons. Maybe I’m lucky and Bugsy feels like animating one

This Concludes Chapter 5

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