The 3D Bazaar – Chapter IV

Uncle Wolfs 3D Bazaar

Hello and welcome to the Bazaar!

Please, come in, come in! Here I will show you wonders beyond your keenest imagination. I deal in prestigious polygons woven around the finest vertices!

This is the fourth chapter of my 3D content. Information on how to purchase these can be seen here.


(please view in full resolution)
To be honest, I’ve modeled this after an evening out somewhat drunk. Couldn’t sleep
Its an air filtration device and should look decent to fill scifi scenes. Its certainly going to be in Acythian.

This is the last modernday weapon I’ll do in quite a while. They are just too much work to unwrap and texture properly.
I’ve done tons of guns in the FPSC era and I’m threw with it. Its not my strength as much as environmental stuff is.

A lamp and some wall machinery. Small props.Well everyone, altough I really didn’t want to I finished the AR. I originally started it to have at least one gun on my curriculum that is very well textured but abandoned that thought rather fast as this type of weapon is already around by the truckload. Its rushed, yes… I used parts from FPSC Classics AR and minor elements from EAI’s M4 but hey!! Its done and can now be archived. Nevermind that the touchscreen on the scope is inverted. This will not be for sale.

Its in the same style as previous scifi buildings I have made. You might remember some similar way back as FPSC freebies.

Models like this will dominate the skyline of Acythian rather than the more generic buildings seen now.

There is also something new that will be available for purchase. In designing levels, one can never have enough structural/architectural props to put in corners or hide badly intersecting building blocks. Therefore I have made these pillars which will be in the new pack as well.

I’m fond of the gritty semi-realism of my scifi props but there is still a lot to improve upon.

Something more upbeat: My giant shrooms in game guru.

Here is a new sword akin to previous models.

Nehrian Claymore

Female Cyberpunk/SF Noir mercenary

I’m thinking about making a fantasy game equipment and items pack. Not just weapons but all kinds of items you need for a fantasy game. My focus clearly lies on the scifi pack though

I had trouble finding sleep so I finished some models. Some of these are actually a few years old and I didn’t get around finishing them until now.

Cyberpunk Pillar

Wall Prop

There is an alternative version without the screen because the player notices something like that repeating itself in the map right away.

Old Cyberpunk Neon Sign and lantern

…but there is also something new for the upcoming pack:

I finally got around texturing it. Its not perfect but I’m happy with the results so far.
The default texture is a very bright off-the-factory or arctic look that can easily be colored/modified in different versions. I also added a more traditional grey version.

I’m getting close to finishing up the batch of models I want to upload to the store and decided to put an end to the old generation of models.
I view all of my work in generations and I haven’t really improved my skills since I made the Mystics Library Pack in 2013 (now part of a game guru megapack). If my first generation of models are the old large free packs on the old forums and the FPSC-Modelpacks for sale, the second generation started with the Mystics Library pack and quality hasn’t much changed since, sometimes it even worsened. I think its time to evolve and put all the tings I have learned to good use.

I’ll try to not only improve my meshes and reduce polycount in some places but also make significantly better textures. I might get into that whole PBR business as well and kinda go with the times a little.

At first I’ll show some stuff that I have floating around my harddrive that never got finished, upload everything to the store and then I’ll see how much I can improve upon my work

super exciting wooden tables instead?

This right here is a mesh from 2013 I just textured. Did so before, but I have accidentally overwritten the texture and thus never bothered again out of frustration. Here it is now:

Winged and unwinged version with slightly glowing crystal. I’m quite fond of how these oldies turned out.

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